Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.   May you enjoy celebrating the birth of baby Jesus as well as rampant American consumerism and gluttony. Before: After: By Hildie | Filed under Christmas 5 Comments Share

This will all be over soon

Class parties. Work parties. Church parties. Friend parties. Teacher gifts. Neighbor gifts. Homemade gifts (what was I thinking?) Kids’ gifts. Hostess gifts. Recitals. Concerts. Ballets. Christmas lights. Stocking stuffers. Post office. Post office again. Priority shipping. Overnight shipping. So worn out. So very, very tired. P.S. Don’t forget the seven… Read More

Gingerbread land

I can’t quite seem to get the Christmas decorations out, but I don’t want to deprive my children of their holiday fun, so we broke out the gingerbread house kits over the weekend. I have too many children to decorate a single house without a war ensuing, so we usually… Read More

Merry Christmas

Random Christmas facts: I really like putting Playmobils together. I got massive quantities of candy in my stocking, but no worries because I also got Dance Dance Revolution for the wii and I plan on dancing myself thin. My bedroom looks like a complete disaster with shopping bags, scraps of… Read More

Christmas Eve Eve

Like you’re actually going to be reading a blog today.  But just in case you find yourself with some free time on Christmas Eve, here’s a rundown of what I did yesterday (which is still Tuesday in my head since I haven’t gone to sleep yet). Let me just say… Read More

Red light, green light

You guys know I love Mister, right? He’s just not the handiest guy around.  As in not handy at all.  And apparently Christmas lights fall into the “handy” category.  We haven’t had them in years; not since we lived in Oregon and had some out-of-work Russians who would hang ours… Read More

Jennie vs. The Christmas Card

The Christmas card is a big deal to me. I feel a drive deep within my soul to make my children wear matching clothes and be photographed together. (Please don’t judge/hate me for it.  You know how some of you are fanatic about cleanliness?  And some about running?  Or whatever?… Read More

O tannenbaum

I’m trying to scrape together any shards of enthusiasm I have for the holidays and Christmatize my house.  I realize most of you decorated the second the Thanksgiving dishes were clean, but holiday decorations are simply not my thing.   Why isn’t a tree good enough?  Why must I have… Read More