One Less Teenager

Today my second-born child, York, turns 20. I am down to having only two teenagers again. York has been getting his butt kicked down in Brazil (metaphorically speaking!) and learning piles of humility and patience. Hoo boy, has he needed that! Of course, York is still York and he told… Read More

Adelaide-y Bug

Does any parent ever get used to their child growing up? When I think of this sullen little girl who rarely smiled (but also rarely cried) . . .     . . . it’s hard for me to imagine that that solemn little baby is now a spunky, laughing,… Read More

S’More Trouble in the Kitchen

Arabella loves to read my cookbooks and pick out things for me to make. My kids are all sugar addicts like their mother so her recipes are usually in the dessert category. A couple of weeks ago she picked out this beauty from my Cooks Country magazine that she wanted… Read More

Arabella, The Birthday Princess

Today child #4 (otherwise known as Arabella Claire) turns twelve. She is such a delight. She, of course, has those lovely teenage years ahead of her but today she is just a pleasure to have around. Well, 98% of the time. The other 2% she is fighting with Ada. So… Read More

Baptism Girl

Adelaide Amelia Clementine turned eight last week. Turning eight is not just any birthday if you’re Mormon. That’s when we get baptized. Mormons believe that babies and children automatically go to Heaven if they die, so baptism isn’t a requirement until kids are old enough to really understand the difference… Read More

Super Sixteen

Is it still called Sweet Sixteen when it’s for a boy? Doubtful. So let’s say that my oldest boy York just had his Super Sixteenth birthday. It ended up being on a Sunday and that is not a fun day for Mormons to have a birthday. We are strict Sabbath… Read More

Party Time, Excellent

May and June will be bringing us our last two birthdays of the Season (“the Season” spans from December-June with a birthday every month). As bad luck and poor planning will have it, both children are due for a birthday party. Arabella (turning 11) hasn’t had one for three years… Read More