Arabella, The Birthday Princess

Today child #4 (otherwise known as Arabella Claire) turns twelve. She is such a delight. She, of course, has those lovely teenage years ahead of her but today she is just a pleasure to have around. Well, 98% of the time. The other 2% she is fighting with Ada. So far I am mystified why all these cultures in the world value sons. My girls give me hardly any trouble, they get straight A’s, and they’re way funner to go shopping with. Someone please explain.

Arabella used to like to be called Bella until there were a million Isabellas who decided to use that nickname too. Now she Arabella all the time. She is distinct in the family as having the darkest eyes, the biggest dimple in her chin  (all the kids have them courtesy of Mister), and the longest leg-torso ratio (Despite being 12 and only 5’4 I have to buy her pants with a 32″ inseam). Her Love Language is touch and she is always trying to be as close to me as possible. She would probably climb back into my uterus if I let her. She is quiet, deliberate and gentle. And, lucky for us, it looks like she’ll be a stellar baker one day.

Today we will celebrate Arabella by making copious amounts of goodies. showering her with presents and treating like the princess she is (plus I have to go eat lunch with her at the Middle School, joy of joys). She has been a sweetheart since she was born and we love her for it. Happy birthday to our little Ara-boo-boo.

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4 thoughts on “Arabella, The Birthday Princess

  1. It’s economic. The boys have historically been wage earners who can support their parents when they are old. Also, they have traditionally carried on the family name.

    But do let me say that, so far, you have apparently gotten off easy in the teen girl department. Be grateful.

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