Cutting Off Bows

I bought Ada an Easter dress a couple of days ago. As I have done for many, many years I cut the bow off the front of the dress. I really hate bows. I always have. I don’t mind a bow on a dress that naturally occurs, say on the… Read More

Dirndl Dreams

Have you ever gotten sucked into a world that a few hours earlier you didn’t even know existed? That was me, today. Somehow I ran across a picture of an adorable dirndl dress on Pinterest. I knew that ladies in Austria and southern Germany still wear them occasionally but I… Read More

The Oscars–a Wrap-up

Let’s talk about fashion first: Watching the Oscars is a bit lame when you don’t have cable. You can’t switch between four channels to make sure you don’t miss a single dress on the red carpet. Instead I had to sort through pictures on the internet this morning to see… Read More

York’s Merry Christmas

Who’s done with their Christmas shopping? Not me! And it’s less than a week away. But thank goodness for the internet. Not only because I can shop at 6 am before the kids are awake but because I can find pretty much anything out there. I am a bit of… Read More


Last weekend was India’s first prom. Strangely this has never been a moment I’ve thought much about as I’ve raised my daughters. Probably because I never had a boyfriend (or a date for that matter) in high school so the Prom was always a source of anxiety and frustration rather… Read More

Sandals in March?

It’s March. It’s 80°. All week long.  Does this mean I can wear sandals? You northern-y people are saying “Of course! 80 degrees definitely means sandals!”  But there is some unspoken code in warm-weather places. Growing up in Michigan I don’t know this code. In Michigan I wore snow boots… Read More

Silky Shorts and Other Horrors

I’m over at Segullah today posting this. But since I know you’re probably too lazy to click over there, let’s get a discussion going here too. I’m really interested in everyone’s opinions. My 14-year-old son, York, has a pair of bright orange silky shorts. I loathe silky basketball shorts. I’m… Read More

How to create great weather

If you’re suffering from too much snow and frigid temperatures, here is the foolproof way to end them: Knit yourself a lovely scarf. The whole time you’re knitting, the temps will hover in the 20’s. You will knit madly, so excited to finish! Finally the day will come when you… Read More