Finn’s Mission Call

Well, after sixteen days, Finn received his mission call. When you agree to go on a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you have absolutely no say in where you will go.  The church leaders who make the assignments prayerfully consider the file of… Read More

How to Catch a Cold

There is one sure way to get a cold wherein your nose runs like a waterfall and you are forced to sleep with bits of tissue stuck in your nostrils. And then your lips get bone dry because you’ve been mouth-breathing for two days. Let’s not forget the painful-skin-and-bone fever… Read More

Fave Animal Video

This might just be my favorite animal video ever. Make sure you watch til the very end. By Hildie | Filed under Funny, Pets, Videos Add a Comment Share

Pip, Pip Cheerio

My British accent is more like Jennifer Coolidge’s in Austenland but maybe if I watch this video a few more times I’ll get the hang of it. Which accent is your favorite? By Hildie | Filed under Entertainment, Good Things, Places I've Gone, Videos 3 Comments Share

Silent Movie Madness

School just ended for us on Friday and this last week was a killer. I barely had time to catch my breath. My favorite part of the end-of-the-year festivities was going to see the silent movies made by Ada’s second grade Theatre Arts class. They learned about silent films and… Read More

That Funny German Guy

My kids have been bugging me for months to watch a bunch of YouTube videos by some German guy named Flula. Apparently he lives in America and has a bit of trouble figuring out the idiosyncrasies of our language.  Finally I caved and watched some of these videos. They’re pretty… Read More

The Magic Circle

I am not a believer in luck. I mean, lucky things happen. But I don’t believe in it as a “force” exactly. But I do believe in the Magic Circle.  I have a Magic Circle. I was having lunch with some friends today and we started discussing what exactly the… Read More