12 thoughts on “Fix A Running Toilet–How to Change A Toilet Flapper

  1. Wooooooii! Way to go, Hilde! I’ve had to fix flappers before in my life, but I always forget how I did it. This was a great tutorial! And tell the cameraman he rocks!

  2. I like your voice!!! But I hate my own voice on video.
    Anyway the back of a toilet scares me. 🙂

  3. Hi there! Nobody ever made it any easier; you did. You have given very simple steps to follow and I asked myself why I have been calling the plumber even for such simple ‘how-tos’. Your voice doesn’t sound bad as you mentioned, I was able to follow through. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Hallo! I was happy to have bumped on your blog while searching through the internet. I managed to fix the float which had been giving me terrible time. However, I am still having some issue; even though the tank gets full, every time that I flush I realize that the pressure with which the waters flows in and through the bowl is too weak. How can I go about that fix?

    1. Have you made sure that the water going into the tank from the wall is turned on all the way? Sometimes it isn’t and that can slow things down quite a bit. Also there might be a clog. Since only gravity is used to make the water go from the tank to the bowl, it might be that a clog is causing the water to linger in the bowl. You might want to use a plumbers snake to try to clean it out.

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