Craft Room Reveal

Once your kids start leaving for college, you do go broke, but there are pluses as well. Namely an extra bedroom yearning to become a craft room slash sewing room slash art studio (depending on my mood). The recently-vacated bedroom in my house is located right next to the kitchen… Read More

My New Front Door

It’s getting all Christmassy around here finally. I’ve been working so hard on my craft room that I really haven’t given much thought to decorating. Plus, I feel like my mojo hasn’t been around since I’m missing a third of my children. It’s just not the same. But I did… Read More

Fixing Your Own Computer

My MacBook Air is pretty much my best friend. We spend a lot of time together, even when he quit speaking to me a few weeks ago. After reinstalling software, zapping the PRAM and all sorts of miscellaneous tasks, my speakers and headphone jack refused to turn on. The mute… Read More

Hobby Week–Sewing

I have decided that this week shall be Hobby Week here at Beehive and Birdsnest. I like to collect hobbies which isn’t surprising considering I was born to two people who always had some “thing” that they were into. My dad leaned toward things that go. He was on the… Read More

Done aaaaaand Done!

R.I.P ugly cheap faucet. This statuesque beauty has taken your place: Climbing around under the sink is hard on your back.  Not to mention a little oogie and claustrophobic.  But it’s ever so worth it.  Especially since the plumber who came to fix our water heater told me he charges… Read More

How hard can it be?

I must utter the phrase, “how hard can it be?” at least once every week or two; every time I think of something that I want to create or copy from someone or fix around my house. I wouldn’t consider myself cheap. Sadly, not at all. But I only like… Read More

The old new dresser

Remember this heinous old thing? I bought it at Wimberley Market Days which is a really cute flea market held once a month in the darling town of Wimberly, Texas.  I went with Lorie from Be Different, Act Normal.  It’s not the kind of flea market that sells Sham-Wows and… Read More

What’s all the flap about?

SETTING: Jennie’s house, three of the four bathrooms. ISSUE: leaky toilets. How can I have three leaky, constantly running toilets all at once? I learned many years ago that leaky toilets usually mean one thing: they need a new flapper. Installing the flapper is easy as can be, but then… Read More