Fave Animal Video

This might just be my favorite animal video ever. Make sure you watch til the very end. By Hildie | Filed under Funny, Pets, Videos Add a Comment Share

Europe Trip–The Birds of Paris

I’m crazy in love with birds and despite Paris being a city, birds are everywhere. Some are just pigeons. I quite like pigeons despite the bad rap they get as flying rats. There were some pretty fancy ones, it being Paris and all. Sparrows were hanging around Nôtre Dame most… Read More

You Think You Want A Dog?

I probably don’t know you at all. But I know you well enough to tell you this: you don’t want a dog.  The desire to get a dog is kind of weird; like a biological clock in a way. One day you wake up and think, “I kind of want… Read More

Story Problems for Today’s Mom

Good Gravy, the last few days have been crazy. When did summer get so busy? (Answer: this week.) I thought it might be easier to explain things as story problems, although I always hated them when I was in math class. Instead of figuring out the dumb problems, I always… Read More

The weird dog

I was raised in Detroit. It was kind of gritty, with strip clubs and porno theatres next to the grocery store, and liquor shops (which we called “party stores”) on every corner. Oddly, we managed to live in a tiny little forgotten pocket that had a dirt road and tons… Read More

The cat is out of the bag

We have had our kitten, Clover, for a month. Everyone is entirely smitten. She is playful but loving and is extremely tolerant of Jasper carrying her around everywhere. Basically her grace and poise make Maggie look like a pathetic dolt desperate for attention (which is exactly what she is. But… Read More

House pet hierarchy

I came back last night from my weekend in Minneapolis to find that my husband, one of the most vigilant cat haters alive, had gotten this while I was gone: The kids have been bugging to get a cat for ages. We already have a dog, though, which is at… Read More

The scoop on poop

You knew something like this would happen.  After all, I’ve told you that I’m potty-training Jasper and he won’t poop in the toilet. So here’s how it went down:  Ada comes in from the backyard yelling that Jasper has pooped in his pants again.  I go outside and there is… Read More

Barf-a-roo, part deux

You need to read yesterday’s post before you read this one. No wait, this one stands on its own. I went to the library to return books last night (they ought to name that place after me, due to all the money they’ve gotten from me over the years. Most… Read More

If you think one dog is fun . . .

My dog, Margaret, has developed a very annoying habit of squeaking and crying at night–particularly between the hours of 12:30 and 2 am. OK, so “habit” isn’t really the right word. She did it last night and she’s starting up again as I type. Our house is chock full of… Read More