The cat is out of the bag

We have had our kitten, Clover, for a month. Everyone is entirely smitten. She is playful but loving and is extremely tolerant of Jasper carrying her around everywhere. Basically her grace and poise make Maggie look like a pathetic dolt desperate for attention (which is exactly what she is. But she’s a sweet dolt.) Clover likes to rile up the dog at times:


But at other times they are quite chummy. So sweet.

We are enjoying our cat but there is one small detail that we overlooked until recently:

Clover has testicles.

She is apparently a he. I have to say that I’m very disappointed. I just like girl creatures better; being a girl myself and all. But in a couple of months Clover will be an “it” anyway. I guess it’s for the best–orange cats don’t look good in a pink collar anyway. Sigh.

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15 thoughts on “The cat is out of the bag

  1. HA HA, that's a funny revelation.

    And how did you get that first picture?

    And HOW are girls not fawning over York ALL THE TIME?

  2. Since I read this post and the previous one all in one gulp all I'm thinking now is "testicles – just another accessory for Clover!"


  3. Seems like there is someone you should give credit to for the testical discovery. You might have gotten all the way to from spaying to neutering if it weren't for me. I mean that person.

  4. That happened to my neighbors' kids with their new dog–he went from being "Nikko" to "Nicole." At least Clover won't need a name change.

  5. I have a boy cat named…Lucy…he unexpectedly grew testicles too, darn it. But, by that time his name had stuck, so we just went with it.

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