Makeup Monday–Removing Gel Polish

I haven’t done a Makeup Monday in a while. I got pink eye at the beginning of the Summer and I’ve been keeping the makeup minimal to prevent contamination with my germy eyes.  I’ve also gotten pretty sick of doing my nails too. When summer got here I just needed a break… Read More

Preppy Pedi

Oh, it’s summer all right. How do I know? We’ve spent four of the last seven days at the neighborhood pool and the sweat is at a constant trickle down my back. And I can tell by my toenails. It’s time to bust out the crazy pedicures. All the better… Read More

The Promenade

It’s been Prom time around here. We have a no-dating-til-age-16 rule which means this was the first year that York and India were both old enough to go. India went with her boyfriend, Ethan, to both the school Prom and MoPro (Mormon Prom) where there aren’t so many skanky dresses… Read More

Independence Day Toenails

To celebrate the festivities I’ve made a Lemon Truffle Pie and painted my toenails. Hope your day is fun, not too hot, full of deliciousness and that nothing around you catches on fire!   By Hildie | Filed under Holidays, Makeup and Hair, Nails 4 Comments Share

Don’t Be Gelish of Me

It’s Makeup Monday! Which means it’s time to talk about makeup! Or in this case, nail polish. Women seem to fall into two camps: fake nail afficianodos and people who don’t really care all that much about their nails. Before I had children I loved to get my nails done… Read More

My mirror, my friend

I am vain. I admit it. You may have noticed due to all the pictures I post of myself. I figure my vanity is OK because I’m pretty diligent with my preparedness. That makes up for it. And I have two callings at church, which also counteracts the amount of… Read More