Preppy Pedi

Oh, it’s summer all right. How do I know? We’ve spent four of the last seven days at the neighborhood pool and the sweat is at a constant trickle down my back. And I can tell by my toenails. It’s time to bust out the crazy pedicures. All the better for sandals, my dear.

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7 thoughts on “Preppy Pedi

  1. Jennie, I finally got all set up with my gel manicure stuff and I love it so much! I bought the lamp you have along with all the other stuff you need (lots of stuff needed, but so worth it!). I’ve done manicures on myself, girls and even my sister. I love the results. Honestly, it is so awesome.

    1. Yes, Nichole, I do use relish on my toes. Not for the staying power because regular nail polish lasts just fine. But I like how instantly it dries. Especially when I’m doing little bits of nail art. I hate waiting for polish to dry!

  2. WAIT!! May isn’t over yet! Where’s your blog-a-day for the 30th and 31st?!?!
    I’ve been so entertained by my daily “Hilde Fix” that I will suffer withdrawal when I don’t get it anymore. So toss in those last two days’ blogs, Hilde!

  3. OR, for June 1, you could tell something funny about your brother Ben, since it’s his birthday, or about your parents, since it was their anniversary before your Dad went to that Big Pit Crew in the Sky.

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