You Can Keep Your Smart Kids

Tonight we had some time to kill after dinner so I took my kids to the neighborhood pool. SInce it was close to bedtime there were only a couple of families there. A lot of times if you go to the pool in the evenings, dads are on kid-duty and the moms are at home (or are they??). Tonight I sat and eavesdropped (one of my favorite pool activities) on two dads having a really in-depth discussion on how to get a charter or magnet school for gifted kids to open nearby. It was a pretty interesting discussion, I have to say. After discussing the need to provide our brilliant children with better educational opportunities, both of the dads left. Or rather, one dad left and the other dad attempted to leave. The second dad had a little boy about 6 or 7 years old who had been splashing jasper and trying to jump on his inner tube the entire time we’d been at the pool.

The dad kept threatening his son who blissfully ignored him while attempting to terrorize/drown Jasper. Eventually the dad got fed up and went and got in the car. This was after begging his son for over ten minutes to get out of the pool because it’s time to go or I’m going to leave you do you hear me Im serious I’m not going to ask you again.

When the dad started actually driving away the kid finally realized his dad was serious and went tearing out of the pool.

This is what I wanted to tell the dad: you might want to forget about a fancy education and spend a little more time getting your son to obey. Who cares how smart and well-educated someone is if he won’t do what he’s asked? Seriously parents, smarts aren’t nearly as important as obedience. You might want to paste that on every mirror in your house.

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  1. Sooooo true. Watching other parents try to get their kids out of the playlands at fast food restaurants is maddening. If you don’t have the power to get them out, do NOT let your kids go up there. You’ll never see them again!

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