My Three Worst Traits

Yes, I’m brilliant, witty, charming and all things wonderful. But I do have a few flaws which I try to disguise as much as possible. But here they are in all their glory:

1. I am a horrible, terrible procrastinator. If it’s possible to do something later, I will. Even if it’s not possible to do something later, I’ll still try. It’s the hardest the struggle in my life, to do something long before it’s supposed to be done. I end up stressing out and panicking but I never learn my lesson. Never. I guess I was born this way. I’m going to try to start a movement informing everyone that we procrastinators can’t help being the way we are, and that we need societal recognition and acceptance. One day I’m hoping to live in a world where people who put things off til that last minute are celebrated for the passionate, brilliant, easily-distractable people we are.

2. Opinionated. This is not really a bad trait in and of itself. I am the child of a very opinionated person, and all of us children ended up equally opinionated. But I can be a smidge judgmental about the way other people do things (inferior to my way, obviously). Fortunately for everyone, I usually keep my judgments to myself (hey parents who let their kids sleep in their beds, I’m talking to you!) but my opinions on most everything else is fair game for discussion. I’ve never been shy about sharing my ideas about everything. I am totally fine if someone else has a differing opinion; as a matter of fact I relish a good discussion. But I’m not a shy little violet who doesn’t say what’s on her mind. I’ve really had to learn to scale back my opinions since I became the Relief Society President. I don’t want to go around offending all the women at church. While I like a nice, strong personality, many people can’t handle it. And I’m trying to be lovely and supportive to everyone while trying to be true to who I am and that’s a little though sometimes.

3. I hate cleaning. And most housework in general. I have learned to stay somewhat on top of it because with six kids things can go downhill terribly fast. But you throw in that procrastination and there is nothing I wouldn’t rather do to distract myself from mopping/sorting laundry/scrubbing the sink. I would absolutely consider polygamy if I could pick a wife with cleanliness OCD who would do all the crappy household cleaning.

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4 thoughts on “My Three Worst Traits

    Who WOULDN’T pick a second wife with an OCD for cleanliness!?!? They would be in GREAT demand. (Unfortunately, they would kill you for not holding up your end of things.)

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