Independence Day Toenails

To celebrate the festivities I’ve made a Lemon Truffle Pie and painted my toenails. Hope your day is fun, not too hot, full of deliciousness and that nothing around you catches on fire!


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4 thoughts on “Independence Day Toenails

  1. Hello Hildie,

    (Very beautiful & 6 children too). Gorgeous Family…

    My question is about Gelish Polish.

    You shared a little about you, so I’ll do the same…

    I was a model for almost 24 years & a previous Miss USA. I’m now 42yrs old. When people ask my age tat I barley know; I tell a small white lie just to have some fun. I tell them I’m 56 yrs old, I have 8 children, & three of my children are triplets; which I had at the age of 48 yrs old. lol..

    I mean, if your bold enough to ask me? Then, I always get the same reaction. “WOW, you’re so beautiful & look better than I did at age 30 or anyone I know.”

    Let’s just say; I live a good life now. It was a lot of hard work. I had nobody & no help.

    Those days are gone now for people & have been for a long time. People don’t get opportunities like that anymore. If they do now, it’s called “LUCK or they’re lucky to get some help.

    I found your post regarding Gelish by doing a search about it. We sound a lot alike personality wise. However, minus the children & (I do know a lot goes with that as well). My gosh 6?? God Bless You!!!!

    I have two beautiful girls as well. Sisters, Siberian Huskies & they’re 10 months old. They’re tiny terrorist. I love them though. Farah & Faith. I also have a Nanny for them too, seriously. If I didn’t, I’d have a nervous breakdown. I travel quite a bit, so the girls come with me. They fly with me privately (I have too with the girls) & my nanny, & a few staff/assistants.

    I’m a also a personal stylist/ shopper, LifeCoach, & a multiple business owner/consultant. Now, I pretty much, just have really great people that work for me, so I don’t have too………. as much.

    I have the money, but the time thing/my patience (ZERO) is/has always been an issue. Plus, I hate sitting.

    I’m super picky & hate teaching nail techs, so I I do my own now. I use the french nail (tape) love it along with false nails.

    I won’t do the acrylic thing though or even gel. Both, aren’t good for your nails & yours nails don’t breathe by taking them off. I love when people say, “I taking a break to let my nail breathe.” lol.. Nails don’t breathe. If you have bad nails, you’ll always have bad nails. It’s science & that’s why I have fake ones. Plus, they look good.

    So, I use half an artificial nail just to give me a better shape/strength. Then, I apply the nail tape (Sold even at Sally’s called: Pro Bliss French Wrap. The size tap. It come in wide or thin style. I use the wide on my hands, * the thin on ties. Just two wide tapes for the Big Toe. Then, I brush on a thin coat of OPI Hawaiian Orchid sideways (underneath the white tape, the bottom 1/2 half of my nail). It’s a perfect pink for a french. I’ve been using it for about 14 years now; even when I had acrylic nails.

    Now, I use no acrylic & just artificial tips & just need them to be stronger. My reals nails are like dust & I don’t care. I love them (short though) & need the artificial nail to have some type of clear hardener; that doesn’t mess up the color tip, or my other polishes..

    I’m not the best polisher, so I never paint my nails a real color. I use to love colored polish, but haven’t used much since 1996.

    A French style goes with everything for me & easy.. If I do color, I’d use the tape or colored tips. I just love them. I especially love the Chrome ones.

    Do you know, if just the Gelish Polish Topcoat could just be used as (A TOPCOAT ONLY) for artificial nails that are already painted, taped polish, or different types of polish used underneath it? You may not know this? Yes, I can just go out & buy I try it too.

    I also wanted to know some other tips about the Gelish product; since you mentioned your usage with it.

    Are there any special tricks to putting the Gelish Polish on or taking it off?

    Do I need to purchase special removers, the gloves, brushes? I probably already hove a lot of this.

    From what I’ve read about Gelish; the brush seems to become tacky after a few times. Any tricks putting the Topcoat on?? I know that hard brush, thrown in the garbage, situation. My concern; isn’t the polish chipping at all. It’s more of the hardness factor and shine for myself.

    I already have a super nice (salon quality) UV lamp/dryer already.

    Let me know, when you get a chance.

    Enjoy your family & the holiday weekend.

    Take care,

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