It’s Hot Outside!

Number one news story: It’s hot in most of America. Good thing air conditioning was invented. I realize that a lot of people are without power and that it’s really sweltering. But up until about fifty years ago, that would have been the norm. Not only would it have been 90+ degrees, you would have been wearing a corset and a few layers of clothing too. Now that would be horrible!

Not to seem unsympathetic but in Austin we had 90 days of temps over 100º last year. And no rain storms to help us out a little.  But it’s Texas so we just shrug our shoulders and head out to the pool. One morning last summer we went to the outdoor history farm/museum. (You can’t just quit doing stuff when it gets hot. You simply get used to having sweat roll down into your butt crack.) There was an exhibit of photos featuring the family on that very farm during the turn of the last century, dressed in full Victorian regalia. “Oh man, it would have been awful wearing so much clothing in this weather, ” I lamented. A lady standing next to me (wearing tiny shorts and a tank top) piped up, “Oh, it wouldn’t have been that bad. The chemises they wore under their clothing got wet with sweat which kept them cool.”

I just looked at the lady. I did not slap her or tell her she is an idiot.

Because I am Mormon I wear a chemise under my clothes all day every day and, sweaty or not, it does not keep me cool. Nope. Not at all.

But I’m just happy because I don’t live in Arizona where it’s 110º. Although people always say it’s not so bad because it’s a dry heat. Whatever. 110º is hot!

I also don’t live in the Middle East and have to wear a burqua. But if I did, I would for sure be wearing a bathing suit under it.

Let’s all just agree that air conditioning is a glorious miracle.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Hot Outside!

  1. I’d have slapped her. Good use of restraint. This sugar fast is giving you all kinds of self control!

  2. haha! “It’s a dry heat!” I always want to slap someone when they say that! Because, you’re right, 110 is HOT and uncomfortable. Especially with the chemise!

  3. Yes, oh yes, air conditioning is one of the best inventions ever! And having somehow managed to survive without it until 2010 (I think every apartment I’ve ever lived in, plus my first house all lacked a/c!), I can say that I really relate to those poor people who lived through the rest of history without it. Only I at least had my car to retreat to, and an ice cold coke waiting in the fridge!

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