If you think one dog is fun . . .

My dog, Margaret, has developed a very annoying habit of squeaking and crying at night–particularly between the hours of 12:30 and 2 am. OK, so “habit” isn’t really the right word. She did it last night and she’s starting up again as I type. Our house is chock full of people so there is really nowhere I can put her where someone won’t be bothered by her sniveling.

Last night I let her out at 12:30. And again at 1:00. And again at 2:15. I thought she might have eaten some Easter chocolate (very bad for dogs) and had the runs. Instead she just took advantage of her midnight frolic to bark hello to all the other dogs in the neighborhood. I resorted to the whisper-scream trying to get her to shut up and come inside already. The last thing I need is to rile up Officer Larry (not his real name), a gen-u-wine cop and our next door neighbor. He is already sullen, cross and none-too-pleased with our noisy family (especially when we are enjoying the trampoline at 8 am). Officer Larry usually has a toothpick sticking out of the side of his mouth and never wears shirts with sleeves unless he is on duty. He spends an enormous amount of time in the driveway cleaning out his squad car. (Trying to impress the criminals with his tidy vehicle, I suppose.) Call me paranoid, but I don’t think he looks kindly on us. Don’t want to find out for sure.

So Maggie* is being a real pain. And what insane idea keeps going through my head? That I need another dog; that getting one more pet will somehow make my life better.  Yes, it’s ridiculous idea.  It’s this kind of nonsensical reasoning that explains why I have six children.

But I’m perusing the ads from shelters and classifieds anyway. I fell madly in love with one dog in Salt Lake (KSL classifieds are like a drug). It’s a combination of my two favorite dogs: a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (which is what Maggie is) and a pug (which is what out last dog was). If that dog were here in Texas it would be curled up in my house at this very moment. Thank goodness it’s not. Because I don’t want a dog. But really I do. But really I don’t. Puppies are awful. But then again . . . . See what I mean? Insanity. Look how adorable, though.  I mean, the sweetest dog ever!

* Her real name is Margaret but we’ve always called her Maggie. I’m trying to discourage that because the vet told me that Maggie is one of the most popular dog names. And I cannot abide a popular name. That’s the kind of fallout that occurs when you let your husband name the dog. Last week I tried to convince Mister to phase into to calling her Maisie, which is much cuter and more unusual. It’s practically the same name. But not. It’s much better. He didn’t go for it. At least our dog is not named Max or Bailey.  We know at least three dogs called each of those names.  No offense if you have a Max or Bailey.  Chances are that you do, in fact.

P.S. I will be having copious amounts of fun for the next few days and probably not blogging. So you’ll just have to sit tight and be Jennie-free for a while.

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12 thoughts on “If you think one dog is fun . . .

  1. My 5-year-old daughter thinks the puppy is very, very cute, and also thinks he (or she) looks sad.

    My sister (4 kids) had a Labradoodle (because they’re less allergenic and her husband’s allergic) and they were going to get a girl runt, but she’d been taken, and instead they fell in love with, and took home, the oldest off the litter, a male. He was extremely large, strong, energetic, and resistant to instruction. He destroyed their yard and they guiltily resorted to a shock collar to keep him in check when nothing else worked.

    Then they got a second dog, a female Labradoodle, meek and friendly. They thought having company would help mellow their first dog. But the female turned out to be an escape artist who succeeded in jumping a 6-foot fence into their neighbor’s yard.

    Both dogs ended up on KSL classifieds. (And both ended up with new families who were very happy to get them, so all’s well that ends well, I guess.)

  2. She is super cute…I’m just as crazy as you are, I’m already naming my next puppy.

    A Newfoundland named Meredith or Beverly.

  3. Ha ha. My son-in-law is named Max and my grandson is named Bailey. I’ll keep the secret that those names are “dog names” to myself.

    My daughter is addicted to KSL classifieds and sells stuff from there all the time. I was with her once, meeting someone in Target’s parking lot. I felt like a drug dealer.

  4. With our family, we “tried” two dogs and learned our lesson. I say “we” but I mean “I.” Here’s the lesson: If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. 🙂 I am a bonified (no pun intended, but I do love puns) dog appreciater, not owner. Children is all I can do. And, as everyone I meet tells me, I have my hands full. I wish you the best, you brave mom! You have my admiration. I’ll just let my 3 year old go to sleep with “Puggy,” her stuffed dog. Poor child.

  5. My little guy named our cat Shadow—-so theres another one….

    And what is it with puppies? I freaking LOVE THEM!! And I have two little dogs already—but those puppies—-oh–I always want another.

  6. Well, technically, one of our cats is named Maxwell Alexander, but(sigh), we do call him Max. However, the other one is named Jaxon Cooper or Jax.

    My numerous (none I’d like to share) experiences with dogs has caused me to prefer cats, but that really is a cute little puppy. Pugs are adorable.

  7. You are too funny and I had to laugh again. Our daughter got a puppy about the same time cute Jasper was born and the pups name is also Jasper. I had idea Margaret was nicknamed Maggie… the same name Natalie named our last adorable granddaughter!:-) So we both have children and pups named the same. It made me laugh!
    I hope you have COPIOUS amounts of fun…it was fun to see Jay had come to visit!

  8. Oh I wish that I lived in Utah. I want that dog. SO cute.

    Eli is totally convinced he has a puppy in his tummy so much so that whenever I have to see the midwife he insists she listens for the puppy’s heartbeat.

    If a puppy ever materialises I am shipping it to Texas.

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