Hey, remember me?

I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been in New York! Without kids!  Do I even have to tell you how wonderful it was? Mister, who you may or may not have heard, was not terribly excited to go at first (I did write a spiteful blog post about it, but deleted it the next day since it sounded so bitchy).  After we’d been there about three hours he proclaimed, “I love New York. Let’s move here!”  Easy cowboy, that’s never going to happen.  I like NYC but it’s not a place I’d ever want to live in a million years.  Visiting, however, is another story.  I used to live Upstate and visited pretty often.  Most of my memories were set against a backdrop of cold weather and the smell of urine.  This time the weather was lovely and we visited hardly any pee-scented locations.

Mister loves the thea-tuh and we saw five plays.  Actually, I only made it to four.  I just couldn’t do two in one day.   I did get to see Rupert Everett doing Noël Coward.  R.E. is definitely on My List (Right after Jude Law and Matt Damon). But of course in my dream world he would be heterosexual. And be hot for sassy brunettes who have lots of kids and a voluptuous figure.


The museums were excellent, the food was mostly wonderful, and the taxi drivers were surly.  It was typical New York.

Do you recall the song from Schoolhouse Rock about The Great American Melting Pot? “Lovely Lady Liberty, with her book of recipes. . .” Let’s just say I sang that song about a hundred times in a two hour period. (You should watch it here.  Take your kids on a stroll down memory lane.)

I used to have this picture hanging in my apartment in college. Here it is in real life. Well, not real life. It’s still a picture. But you get the idea.

Mister and I at Rockefeller Plaza. My kids all asked if we saw Buddy the Elf ice skating. No we did not.

I got together with a few friends in New York. (I forgot to take pictures of my friend Heather whom I know from Segullah. She showed us first-hand how crazy it is having three little kids in Manhattan; negotiating the subway with a stroller? YIKES!)  

These are my friends Stephanie and Kevin from middle school. I hadn’t seen them in over 20 years. We had a great time and talked non-stop for three hours. Here’s a sweet story: Stephanie and Kevin lost touch when high school ended. They both wound up living in Brooklyn and ran into each other a few months ago. They started dating and just got engaged.

On a sad note, taking care of six children for five days just about killed my mother. She is used to staying up very late, sleeping in and taking naps every day. That doesn’t really jive with getting kids up and out the door at 7 am, then supervising a couple of destructive busy toddlers all day. So it looks like this was my last child-free trip until my kids are old enough to take care of themselves. I think I might just cry.

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21 thoughts on “Hey, remember me?

  1. That was an abrupt ending. I want to hear more!!!

    Stephanie doesn’t look familiar to me at all anymore. I guess she might have changed just a titch in 23 years. I wonder if I’d recognize Eldon. Wasn’t that her brother’s name? All I remember about him is riding the bus after school. Once he got in trouble with the substitute busdriver, and when he asked his name, Eldon said, “Bond. James Bond.” And we all died laughing. And Eldon got a detention.

  2. Sounds like you had way more fun than expected, and so did Mister. I love that you were able to go there and not have to take your coats and hats during this time of the year.

    What a cute story about your friends who doesn’t love a good ending especially one that has a sweet reunion to seal the deal.

  3. new york=fun. new york sans kids= amazing!! and hello – great weather! so jealous. you look fantastic in all the pics. would love to know what shows you saw. i love nyc.

  4. Small world, my brother and his wife are really good friends with Heather and her family.

    That story about your middle school friends is so great!

    5 show and museums!! Sounds like a sweet vacation. Hopefully your mom will forget how crazy having 6 kids is and will offer to do it again next year!

  5. the the-tre oh oh oh how i love it – 2 in one day would be ecstasy!
    Glad you had fun – my mother says your mother will live – to do it again in about 6 months – she says memories are short with grandchildren, long with your own kids.

  6. Oh, my girl—you look gorgeous in your pictures! Love the travel-logue—I love NY also, but not to live in.

    Next time come to Boston—please?

    And bring the kids! 🙂

  7. lucky!! looks like you had a great time. sorry your mom had a crazy time!! hopefully she will forget how hard it is for the next time you need a vacation! glad to have you back in the blogging world 🙂

  8. I’ve been on blog withdrawl.. glad you are back! I love your blue flowered shirt! Way cute! and you do have the nicest skin.. when are you going to sell the skin care products??!!

  9. I am so fully annoyed. For whatever reason I cannot view the pics on your blog! But only certain posts. You must use your blog expertise to help me find the answer or I will have to cease and desist all complimentary, flattering comments!

    Glad you had fun BTW.

  10. Good question A Team. I’m having some trouble finding a good Olive Squalene supplier. I need to replenish my supplies.

  11. So glad you had such a great trip. I LOVE NYC. I would move there if I made a ton of money. And I could live with my bestie Nicole.

  12. Your Mom loves your kids, and especially HER kid, and will soon forget the exhaustion and do it again, but not in under a year, I promise you that!

    You look utterly gorgeous in all your pictures. Darren ain’t bad either! Wish we’d had more time to look at pix after you got home! Post more! Post more!

    Your Mom

  13. New York! What fun! I loved looking at your pictures, I’m with your mom to post more! I love reading your blog too, glad you’re back and that you had such a great time!

  14. R.E. is on my hetero list too…esp after seeing him in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Um, wow.
    Glad you had a good time in NYC!

  15. I’m amused that L. qualified her statement — you might not be beautiful, just photogenic. 🙂 (But you are.) Glad you had fun.

    We hired a young couple in our ward to watch our kids last time we went on a trip — it’s an expensive option, but worth it if it’s the only option.

  16. love this post. Love NYC. Went there once when I was 16 and fell in love. Totally.

    Sweet that your mom watched your kiddos, but funny that it just about killed her…it would do the same to my kind mama, too. Aren’t our moms spoiled? 😉
    PS: love your writing style, I’ll for sure be back…

  17. I’m so glad you guys got to do this – hopefully Lorie will be rested up by the time she comes out here 🙂

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