Grosser than gross

There are a lot of disgusting things that happen when you have children.  There are also a lot of disgusting things that happen when you have pets.  Put them both together and what do you have? A blog entry! Arabella let Maggie the dog out to go to the bathroom… Read More

The dog

This is our dog, Margaret.  She is pretty good, as far as dogs go, but she’s still, you know, a dog.  I tend to like cats a lot better since they are so undemanding.  They are very self-sufficient and quiet.  Perfect.  Unfortunately they aren’t the most affectionate animals.  Fine by… Read More

Dog Days

Do you have a dog? Have you ever considered giving it a haircut? Because, really, how hard could it be? Turns out it’s very hard. Not just hard work, but almost impossible to make it look decent. Poor Maggie looks like she got in a fight with a blind pair… Read More


Here are some random thoughts that have passed through my head today: You’d think that after wearing underwear for several years that I wouldn’t have to remind my sons every day to change them. Honestly, I have to ask each day if they have on clean undies. They give me… Read More