Here are some random thoughts that have passed through my head today:

  • You’d think that after wearing underwear for several years that I wouldn’t have to remind my sons every day to change them. Honestly, I have to ask each day if they have on clean undies. They give me this look like I’m asking them how to build a rocket ship. Which is the non-verbal way of saying, “no”.

  • If you have a child that likes to shove tiny toys down the shower drain, you might wonder how to get all the tiny toys out without having to call a plumber. You may come up with the brilliant idea of putting the vacuum hose down the drain. It is a brilliant idea, except that there is also water down the drain. And once you suck up water in the vacuum, it will take on a mildewy smell that may just linger forever. A wet/dry shop vac would be much better in said situation.
  • It’s a good idea not to assume that you put the gas bill on auto-pay when you actually didn’t. And then, silly you, miss two billing cycles and the gas gets turned off. And there is no hot water (good thing you’re all smelly from working out extra hard this morning), or fire in the stove (try to remember before you crack the eggs into the frying pan), or dry clothes (you knew you were going to regret getting gas appliances, didn’t you?) But the gas man will be showing up sometime before 9 pm (!!!)
  • Having a dog with diarrhea is really awful. Because the poop is never in the entry hall or someplace with tile. Nope, always on the carpet. Dogs are really, truly a pain.

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4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. At least your boys are wearing underwear! Sorry to hear about your dog…yuck! It did inspire me with a memory for my blog though!

  2. I have the opposite problem: my daughter likes to change her undies 5x a day. I’ve gotten to the point where she will at least fetch the new ones herself and put the old ones in the hamper. Now if I could just get her to put them on herself. She’s convinced it’s too hard and has a spaz attack if I don’t help her. SIGH.

  3. Sorry about the dog. Just one of the reasons we don’t have any pets. I wish we could have done gas appliances in our house. I miss all my gas appliances we had back in TX.

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