Saturday is a special day

It’s the last day we get our food storage stuff for the week. ¬†Chocolate and yeast. Yum, what a great pair! ¬†And get your flour too if you didn’t manage it last week!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday is a special day

  1. I still haven’t gotten my flour because I only want it in #10 cans, which means a trip to the cannery. When is THAT going to happen? Maybe I can get my cocoa and chocolate chips today. I do have my yeast, yay!

  2. Alright I am ready for the next item. I will admit that little by little I am running out of room in the pantry. Which makes me glad that I am filling it up, but a little puzzled as to where I am going to put the rest.

    Oh well what do they say, better safe than sorry.

  3. We have the flour, chocolate ships, and yeast (you can also get those little bricks at Alisons Pantry in Pleasant Grove, plus they have all sorts of yummy spices) and flour. But not the cocoa yet.

  4. Got it. I don’t know how to make bread, but I’ve got yeast! I do, however, know how to make brownies…

  5. This is my kind of food storage. Want to know something? I actually BOUGHT a bunch of yeast while I was on vacation, even though I hadn’t read your post. I love the idea of chocolate chips in food storage. That’s what I call being prepared.

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