I was kind of busy today

I didn’t get around to listing the food storage item of the week til now because I was a bit consumed with Breaking Dawn (Thanks for the loaner, Amy!).  My conclusion:  definitely written for the 13-19 year-old audience.  It was pleasantly wrapped up with nary a heartache;  A sweet and dopey conclusion to please the middle schooler in all of us.  (Although “Renesmee”???  Excuse while I vomit.)

Here’s this week’s item——>>>>>>

Anyway, Everybody seemed much more excited to buy chocolate. Wonder why. Good job to:
Possibly, but not sure about:
Heather H (UT)
Holly (yeast?)
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6 thoughts on “I was kind of busy today

  1. i got the yeast and almost all of the cocoa–i somehow missed 2 containers, so TECHNICALLY i am not done, but i am getting it tomorrow, so put me down as YES!!!

    ps this is the first time in FOREVER that i’ve actually done something like this. good for you to get a slacker like me on board.

  2. When you hadn’t posted, I started getting worried! I’m glad it was just the book… speaking of… I just started it today, so I got to go!~

  3. I have my canned chili already, but I am still short on the flour and chocolate. I will get caught up at some point.

  4. Yes, I got the yeast…AND read the book. Made for a very happy sappy girl…LOL I too agree on the name…ugh! And to read it over and over was more of a pain…I think I’ll stick with Nessie (ewww, too) But I really enjoyed the book and I’m nto even sad it’s over. WOW, that’s a first for me.

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