You know me, the old lady

I just asked Ada to get me my bottle of water off of the table.  She brought it to me and said, “here, drink this, you old lady”.  I’m kind of miffed about this.  First, that she called me an old lady (although it’s probably just a line from a movie). Secondly, that she sounded rather bratty and smart-alecky.  Not acceptable.  She’s been kind of saucy lately.  Pushing the boundaries, I guess. I think that toddler girls give you a glimpse of their teenager-hood-to-be.  I am really, really not looking forward to that.  

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5 thoughts on “You know me, the old lady

  1. sounds like my 14 year old who knows EVERYTHING and i, in turn, know NOTHING.

    it gets my goat more than any single thing she does. good times.

    glad to know i’m not alone!!

  2. I think I’m in for it, too. Little Miss 7 is what we like to call, Spicy. I like that in a strong woman, but I’m not so sure about how I like it in my daughter. *AND! if you’re an old lady, I’m ready to check in to the facility!lol!*

  3. If that’s true, and Daphne’s toddlerhood is a sign of her teenagerhood, I can look forward to PURE HELL.

  4. I think that they are teaching a little attitude in nursery these days. Gwen also pulls some attitude around here, not so much as to call me an old lady, but that could come next week.

    Its funny that you never know what they are going to pick up on, or what will come out of their mouths.

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