It has come to this

I have realized that I am an addict.  I can’t fight it.  I’m afraid I’ll have to go cold turkey.  That’s right, live a sugar free life. Sugar is one of the very first things I think of when I wake up in the morning. And I think of it fondly all day long.  If I only thought about sugar, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, I can’t resist the beautiful siren song.  When I get the craving for something, I’m absolutely powerless.

I’m not talking about all sugar. There’s sugar in pretty much everything and I’m not going to fight it (plus my body would probably go into shock). Just giving up sweets.

I know from doing this once before that the first two or three days are torture. TORTURE!!!! But I don’t have a choice.  So wish me luck.  I’m having one day off every other week where I can eat two sugary things (I like making these elaborate rules for myself.  It makes me take it seriously.) I just keep reminding myself that my mind is stronger than my body.  I can resist the sugar. Oh yes, I can.  I think, I hope, maybe . . .


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13 thoughts on “It has come to this

  1. Good luck! If you succeed, you’ll be an inspiration to all of us sugar addicts!

    I’ve tried in the past to limit myself to ice cream only on the weekends. Lasted about a month! 😉


    why try to fight it, sister? so you are addicted to sugar… FREAKIN’ WHAT??!!

    join the “sugar addicts” club that has been in existence since the dawn of time. i support your habit.

  3. I’m an enabler on this one. I’ll side with Mindi!

    I also relate, as I’m struggling with staying on the wagon myself…no more diet coke!

  4. I’ve never gone off sugar completely, but twice I’ve gone on a 90% reduction in sugar–no sugar pop, almost no juice, maybe 1 small sweet every few days. That’s a lot for me–I was used to treats 3 times a day. And it took me about 3 weeks to reduce my sugar cravings down to near zero. It’s hard, but eventually you can get over the addiction. Good luck!

  5. I would die. pretty sure about that. I don’t think that this little personal test is normal. Well good luck on the journey. If you decide that you need a snack feel free to ask me, or I guess you could bust into your food storage, isn’t that what the chocolate chips were for.

  6. I think you can do it too! I am off all sugar soda and I never drink juice (that stuff is straight sugar). I do have dessert on the weekends though. I can’t completely go without 😉

  7. No problem, Jennie. My butt is a little bigger because of it. Now if you get all skinny on me suddenly, I might have to follow your lead.

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