Barf-a-roo, part deux

You need to read yesterday’s post before you read this one. No wait, this one stands on its own.

I went to the library to return books last night (they ought to name that place after me, due to all the money they’ve gotten from me over the years. Most recently from the DVD of Spacecamp which my mother checked out while she was visiting and nobody remembered until it was six days overdue. At $1.00 per day. And guess who can’t find the case for the DVD?  I might as well just buy the library a new copy right now.)

So I got back from the library and Arabella mentioned in an oddly cheerful voice that she had thrown up while I was gone (but it wasn’t because she’s sick, she insisted.  She merely threw up because York was showing her a smooshed up cracker in his mouth and it was simply so disgusting that she couldn’t keep her dinner down. What is she, some kind of Victorian?)

I asked her where the mess was so I could clean it up and was surprised to hear her say that it was already clean. (The kids might not bother me when they throw up, but they’re certainly not cleaning anything!)

“Oh, yeah,” she replied.  “The dog ate it all.”

Good heavens above!  That is revolting.  But hey, thanks Maggie!

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9 thoughts on “Barf-a-roo, part deux

  1. Nicholas has the WORST gag reflex ever…remind me to tell you the story of primary, pumpkins and gagging!

  2. You know there’s a scripture that talks about that, right? (Sorta.)

    It’s a good thing I hadn’t just finished eating my late breakfast of a bowl of cereal when I read this. Oh wait, I had.

  3. My daughter is 18 months and the whole middle of the night ” Mommy I don’t feel good.” is something I’m not looking forward to.

  4. Now that is a good reason to have a dog for sure. I see that she is really pulling her weight around your house.

    We have a strange throw up thing with Gwen too, when she gets really upset and cries too hard, she just throws up, we didn’t realize that until she started into nursery, yep pretty sure all those nursery workers HATED us.

  5. hahaha that’s nasty!

    My two don’t puke too often. But when James gets sick he pukes often and in a projectile fashion…multiple times. Did I mention he does it a lot? I usually stand by in awe until I’m sure he’s done, then I wheel in the wet/dry vac!

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