Mothering tip for a rainy day

I’m always forgetting mothering lessons that I learned along the way.  This is perhaps one of the most important.  Particularly if your children are making you batty.  It is one simple thing:


Do not underestimate the power of of a fort.  At least an hour of amusement and distraction. Even the most sullen and disagreeable child cannot resist the magic that a blanket and a few sofa cushions promise.  

So today, or the next time you are feeling exasperated and DONE with motherhood, break out the blankets.

You are very welcome.
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8 thoughts on “Mothering tip for a rainy day

  1. I heartedly agree! Such magical and imaginary moments of youth happen under the quilts and blankets made into a castle. The more couch cushions the better!
    I posted something just for you today.


  2. Last time I tried this (it’s been a while), my kids totally weren’t into it. I wonder if I need to try again. Probably.

  3. When we were little, my sister and I had an old parachute that we draped all over the basement. I remember sitting in it, and having my mom crawl through it to get to the freezer. I thought nothing of it, “Hi, Mommy!” She just smiled and kept crawling.

  4. funny you mentioned this because just yesterday i was thinking i needed to build a fort for the kids. this rainy weather has me willing to do crazy things to keep the kids entertained!

  5. Hey, BEN DAVIS! How about a picture of that amazing Fort you built for the kids while Nicki was out of town!

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