House pet hierarchy

I came back last night from my weekend in Minneapolis to find that my husband, one of the most vigilant cat haters alive, had gotten this while I was gone:


The kids have been bugging to get a cat for ages. We already have a dog, though, which is at the top of the “desirable pet hierarchy”* But all of our older children have read the Warrior Cat series of books. Most girls (and some boys–like mine who have run out of things to read at our house) under the age of 13 have read at least a couple. These books are all about feral cats who have cheesy names like FirePaw. I don’t get it, but whatever. So cats have been a big deal around here for quite some time. And I’ll admit that I like cats better than dogs. Cats are so pleasantly self-sufficient. They aren’t desperate for love and attention like pathetic dogs. But Mister, well, he hates cats. We had a cat ten years ago who was pure evil and that really spoiled it for us.

But Mister was at a garage sale on Saturday and they had a box of free kittens and, well, now we have one. She’s very teensy and she likes to play with toothbrushes.


The family held off naming the cat until I got home, knowing that I am super picky about names. I was thinking of Mabel, Polly or Jemima, which the kids all made gagging sounds about. These were each child’s top picks for names:

Arabella: Ginger, Tillie, Flora

India: Boo, Millie, Katniss

York: Jango Fett, Salacious Crumb, Droopy McCool (those are all Star Wars characters, for all of you not showered with Star Wars trivia 24 hours a day like me).

Finn: Bono, Mistress Evil, Chuck Norris, Slopkin

I finally got out the baby name book and we went through just about every girl name until we found one we didn’t all hate.


*the bottom spot belongs, of course, to beta fish. They don’t even get a cute fishtank. Goldfish are slightly better. Lizards and frogs are a step up. Birds are much more desirable than amphibians. All the top spots belonging to furry animals. There is a grey area for cute but somewhat unfriendly animals like rabbits and chinchillas. Cats are in second place. Dogs are the creme de la creme. If you get a dog you have made it as a kid. There should be no more pleas for another pet once you’ve got a dog. You might think that a pony would be on the top, but you would be wrong. Although most kids want a pony in theory, in actuality they are smelly, slightly scary and you either have to drive or walk a long way to visit it.

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11 thoughts on “House pet hierarchy

  1. Clover is adorable! I'm kind of glad you didn't give her my daughter's name, although it IS an excellent name.

    Speaking of my daughter, her pet hedgehog gives her great bragging rights, but he's definitely toward the unfriendly end of the spectrum, which she's kind of sad about.

  2. What darling pictures! I'm just hoping that Maggie won't have a coronary with jealousy.

    And "Imaginary's" pet hedgehog? What could be less cuddly?

    Do remind the kids that the reason their last cat was a monster is because they handled it to death. It could only escape by biting and clawing.

  3. Here is my life right now: Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars!

    In related news, does York want to come over and play Star Wars?

  4. Cute! I'm not a huge cat person (unless you live on a ranch or a farm or something where they can earn their keep) but kittens are irresistible!

  5. See and cats are at the very bottom of my list. Mostly because of the litterbox. And the claws. And the pooping and peeing inside my house (even if it is in a box). And the snootiness. And the purring. And the claws.

    But that one is a cutie! Clover is a good solid name.

  6. A) you have really good photography skills! I don't know what you're talking about.

    B) I like that name. I also liked Droopy McCool, though.

    C) Beta fish below goldfish?? No way! At least Beta Fish are beautiful. Those long flowy fins are like something from Fantasia. Goldfish, blah.

  7. I would kill my husband. Luckily he knows that. But the cat is adorable. Beta fish is the extent of my pet capabilities.

  8. We have killed 6 beta's in 2 years. They are really stupid fish. And we evidently suck at fish ownership.

    Love sweet little clover. No wonder he brought her home.

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