The Magic Circle

I am not a believer in luck. I mean, lucky things happen. But I don’t believe in it as a “force” exactly. But I do believe in the Magic Circle.  I have a Magic Circle. I was having lunch with some friends today and we started discussing what exactly the magic circle is.

The Magic Circle is good things happening in your life. It is the bread usually landing butter-side up. It is winning prizes and free trips. It is an invitation to The Universe to share its generosity and goodwill.

I don’t know whether everyone has a Magic Circle.  But I suspect a lot more people would have one if they believed they did. Mister, for example, has more of a raincloud that perpetually follows him around. “Believe in your magic circle!” I chirp, usually as he is muttering curses and sulking about something.

“There is no Magic Circle,” he says. To which I say, “You are right. If you believe you will have bad things happen, that’s what you will get.” But the Magic Circle is about believing good things will come your way: things, friends, happiness. And they do.

At least, that’s how it works in my life. Obviously there are bad things and unhappiness and regrets. I’m not talking about life in general. I’m talking about the cream on top.

Do you think there is such a thing as a Magic Circle? Are some people just lucky or unlucky?  Do good things beget more good things?  While you think about that, here is a hilarious video that Mister forwarded to me. It seems I am in good company.


7 thoughts on “The Magic Circle

  1. I think that is the cutest I have ever seen George Clooney. Have you ever read The Secret? Your magic circle theory has the same basic idea behind it.

    And I don’t know about luck, but I do think your attitude determines a TON about your life and how you see people and how they see you. So I think you will be happier and more successful if you have a positive attitude. And I have never met a really successful person that was REALLY pessimistic.

  2. That commercial is hilarious.

    I like this Magic Circle idea. I kind of feel the same way and I’m married to a mister like your Mister. I just want to tell him that being open and optimistic means you enjoy everything more, take delight in little things, and that, as a result, wonderful things happen.

  3. Great Post. It’s that old “Power of Positive Thinking” and I believe it is true. If nothing else, expecting good things makes you notice when they DO happen. A great reminder to me to magically circle myself.

    Today’s magic circle for me was: 9 hours of sleep, beautiful fingernails (thanks to you!) , gorgeous dreams of hunky men last night, and down a pound in weight! Also going to the temple today.

    (While I was on your blog I watched the other George Clooney You-tubes ads. That man’s looks are absolutely unfair to the male half of the world’s population. And that there is only one of him is unfair to the female half.)

  4. I definitely believe in the Magic Circle. Keeping a positive attitude and finding the light and good in things is sometimes something that I have to work a little harder at, but I find if I do, then the good always outweighs the bad. 🙂

  5. I like your Magic Circle idea too (though when I explained it to my 17 yo he said he likes the idea but the name has GOT to go!). The only problem is that optimism can sometimes lead to a big letdown; I just had one of those. 🙁 But it’s still better to believe something good is around the corner!

    I think you should write a post on Miss Jennie’s After-School Dance Parties.

  6. (in my best ross geller voice) : “could this video BE any better?”

    i think NOT. thanks for making me giggle. then re-watch approx. 5 times. (not joking.)

  7. You know, I totally believe in the magic circle. Because I’m totally a positive thinker, and positive things always seem to happen to me. And I know people who it seems like all that ever happens to them is bad luck. (And what do you know? They are very anxious, negative, self-depricating people.) There has to be something to that theory. There has to. I think there is even something in science that backs this up (something about positive ions attracting positive ions or something), but science is all very confusing to me. So I’ll just call it the Magic Circle from now on.

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