Don’t listen to yourself at 3 am.

Do you ever have those dreams where you are slightly awake but still asleep enough that your dreams are vaguely realistic but outlandish? Dreams where pointless and silly things seem completely important and logical? That was me last night. Occasionally these kinds of dreams will turn into stress fests where the weight of the world seems to press in on me. This was not the case, thank goodness. But I have realized that any thought I have at 3 am should be ignored. I especially need to be reminded not to email or text anyone in the middle of the night, no matter how urgent my thoughts seem. At best I will end up sending an email that will make people wonder what kind of weirdo is still up sending emails in the middle of the night. At worst I will send something that seems drunken, desperate or just plain crazy.

Brains don’t like to turn off once they’ve been woken up, do they? So I spent an hour or two dreaming my weird semi-dreams and was just dozing off to sleep when Mister informed me that his throat was closing up which it does sometimes when he chews gum with aspertame. He went into the kitchen to find some benedryl and a popsicle and I spent the next hour picturing my sad and hopeless life as a widow.

Like I said, rationality disappears completely in the middle of the night. I’m not the only one, right?

The thing that doesn’t disappear? Exhaustion. My last child was just delivered to school so I’m going back to bed. Goodnight.

5 thoughts on “Don’t listen to yourself at 3 am.

  1. Last night must have been one of those nights. I felt the same way. I think I was up almost all night. By the time I did get to sleep it was 4 am and I missed my alarm at 5:30. Push the kids out the door cause I woke up late and now I am just looking to take a long nap! Sweet dreams!

  2. How True!

    I usually wake up convinced that nobody likes me, my kids don’t love me, I’m worthless on the earth, and everything I have ever done is wrong, destructive, and hopeless. That’s why I don’t keep loaded guns or sharp knives on my bedside table.

    Say, I just noticed that with this new blogscape to which you subscribe, there is no “preview” button so you can see what you got wrong or misspelled before you sent it. For me, not good.

  3. One time I had one of those half-dreams, and I was convinced there was a pink, glowing scorpion on my bed. I screamed and ran into the living room and up onto the couch before I “woke up,” and Jordan was flipping on lights saying, “What? What? What happened??”

    Good times.

  4. yeah, totally. I dreamed 2 nights ago that BigDaddy’s brother, Chris, was a serial killer in his youth and had murdered 12 girls and had finally confessed. And I’m still a little weirded out about being around him.

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