Ran so far away

I pretty much think my treadmill is a waste of time.  It’s great that I have a computer hooked up to it so I can blog and watch movies.  But the fact is, it’s barely exercise.  It’s way too easy to be a wimp on the treadmill. I’ve been riding… Read More

He veddy funny guy

This really made me laugh.  The guy’s name is Louis C.K. Don’t bother trying to watch his other stuff on You Tube because he has quite the potty mouth. Guess I’ll have to stick with his network appearances. By Hildie | Filed under Videos 6 Comments Share

In case of Rapture, the car is yours*

Here is why I am trying to get everybody on board with food storage and 72-hour kits. Highly recommended viewing (although it’s definitely Mormon, if that freaks you out.) *My friend Darlene, a lovely Evangelical Christian, has this bumper sticker on her Hummer. It cracks me up every time I… Read More

They call him Bean

I was so aghast and horrified that my very own sister has never seen Mr. Bean that I figured there may be others of you who haven’t either. Mr. Bean is British, in case you didn’t know, and rarely speaks in his little skits. He is just kind of bumbling and… Read More