He veddy funny guy

This really made me laugh.  The guy’s name is Louis C.K. Don’t bother trying to watch his other stuff on You Tube because he has quite the potty mouth. Guess I’ll have to stick with his network appearances.

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6 thoughts on “He veddy funny guy

  1. Oh—that was toooooo funny! I actually lived through those dark ages of telephones, etc.—so it was great!

    Who is he, anyway? And how did you find this?

    THANKS for sharing.

  2. That guy is hillarious! And he’s clean! It is crazy how hard it is to find a clean comedian. And hey a bounus, he’s from our generation and I actually know what he’s talking about, how cool is that? Or is that bad, because that means I am old(er)? 🙂

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  3. Ok, I feel like an idiot, I read this blog entry yesterday and only had time to watch part of the video clip, so to today I just went straight to the video and forgot you mentioned in your blog that he was a potty mouth with his other stuff on YouTube. Oh, well so much for another clean comedian.

  4. The rotary phone…we had one in our basement until I was 21, and my parents finally moved…I’m surprised it didn’t come with them. Ha ha. I laughed out loud at this guy…and oops, I’ve complained about sitting on the runway for 40+ minutes.

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