I’ve been sampling lots of chocolate lately (for purely scientific reasons, of course), and I decided out of my sense of duty to you, lovely reader(s?), that I’d start giving you some of my reviews. You know, because I care and want only the best chocolate for you.

My source for chocolate is most often Whole Foods. The Whole Foods flagship store is right here in Austin and it is quite the shop. There is a snazzy chocolate department with a really impressive selection of weird and wonderful candy. And if it’s the right time of year you can ice skate on the roof as well!

Right off the bat I must admit something: I really don’t care for plain chocolate. No matter how superb the chocolate is, it just doesn’t float my boat unless it’s got something else to hold my interest. It’s got to have some sort of extra ingredient. Something with a different texture; crunchy, creamy, whatever. I’m also partial to milk chocolate. (I like my candy sweet–so sue me!) Sorry if that makes me completely bourgeois and you can no longer respect me.

To kick off my new blog feature–let’s call it Chocolate Awareness–I’m going to be a little unkind. That’s because what I’m about to show you is unavailable to mere mortals. It’s only available in central Texas. It’s called Miles of Chocolate. Nothing much to look at, is it? (Especially after I, uh, had a few bites.)

It appears to be a plain old brownie. But imagine if a brownie and a chocolate truffle had a baby; it would be Miles of Chocolate. The top is slightly crunchy and brownie-ish. The inside is dense and dark and fudgy. It comes refrigerated, but I like it warmed up when it’s got some gooeyness going on.


Miles of Chocolate is (are?) available at a few restaurants around town, as well as Central Market and the nicer HEBs (and Whole Foods). Or you can FedEx it, which costs a pretty penny.

Next week for Chocolate Awareness: Lake Champlain Five Star Bars. The candy that almost caused my divorce.

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14 thoughts on “Choco-love

  1. I have to admit, I am not a chocolate lover—I know, its embarrassing.

    I’m thinking of starting up some sort of support group or something…
    one where we can sit around and gorge ourselves on berry pie or something.

  2. Sorry Shawn, our friendship ends here. I mean, it’s weird that someone doesn’t like chocolate. But to prefer BERRY PIE???? That’s crazy talk!

  3. For next week, can you at least highlight things I can find here???

    p.s. I also agree–no chocolate, no matter how good–is good just plain. Kelly bought me a really high quality dark chocolate bar, and I took one bite and threw the rest away. If it doens’t have something interesting about it, I dont’ want it.

  4. Oh I like this little segment that you are adding. I do love Whole Foods and I also LOVE chocolate. I will say that the brownie sounds so yummy I just might have to make a little trip down 183 to see if they have it at the Arboretum location.
    Thanks for the insight on warming it up that does sound so much better.

  5. Thanks a lot. I read this post a few days ago, then baked brownies from a mix, then dumped in some chocolate chips, coconut, and pecans to liven it up. They were good. Past tense.

  6. So you’ve won blue ribbons for amazing baking, and shown a true penchant for replicating the work of masters… and you haven’t tried to recreate Miles of Chocolate??!??!

    I would, except that as you’ve so blatantly pointed out, I have no access to the original. So, it is your sacred duty to do some test for the rest of us poor schmucks, and see if you can generate a recipe that is close enough for us to try them at home.

    (Here’s a place to start: I think she’s close, but I have no idea what an egg bath is. Please let us know soon!)

  7. i just read the post that ben was referring too…way to much info!! i think that you should make and post your recipe soon. i need to make some of those babies!

  8. Chelon, they have it at the HEB on Palm Valley in RR (it’s refrigerated so you’ll have to ask where they keep it.) Or maybe I’ll just bring you some!

  9. Oh, my latest fave chocolate I picked up at an Albertsons, and I’ve noticed not all of them have them, but they are by Seattle’s best chocolates (or finest, I don’t know), and it’s called Mint Meltaway or something like that, creamy and oh so good!

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