They call him Bean

I was so aghast andĀ horrified that my very own sister has never seen Mr. Bean that I figured there may be others of you who haven’t either. Mr. Bean is British, in case you didn’t know, and rarely speaks in his little skits. He is just kind of bumbling and awkward in a very 10-year-old-boy sort of way. My children are absolutely passionate about him. He is pretty funny, I must agree. Here’s one of my favorites. The ending is the best part. Gather your kids around; if they didn’t already like Bean, they will now.

And here is York’s favorite:

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6 thoughts on “They call him Bean

  1. We have been enjoying Mr. Bean since he was on the BBC! We used to have the best of Bean on video and about 6 years ago, my kids gave me the complete boxed DVD set of all his shows—a must have for any fans!

    Have you seen the amazing Black Adder series that Rowan Atkinson does? I am still hoping that I get that boxed set sometime soon—-I love his comedy—so hilarious!

  2. love Bean. But I simply can’t watch the episode where he drills his own teeth. I have to leave the room every time.

  3. I have to admit, that first one was pretty funny. The laugh track is a little excessive at times, but otherwise, pretty good stuff.

    LOL, that second one is SO York!

  4. Mr. Bean can be an aquired taste for some people. I’ve always gotten a kick out of him. It’s the perfect time for Mr. Bean’s Holiday!

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