In case of Rapture, the car is yours*

Here is why I am trying to get everybody on board with food storage and 72-hour kits. Highly recommended viewing (although it’s definitely Mormon, if that freaks you out.)

*My friend Darlene, a lovely Evangelical Christian, has this bumper sticker on her Hummer. It cracks me up every time I see it. She also has another bumper sticker that says, “Don’t let the car fool you. My treasure is laid up in Heaven.”

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5 thoughts on “In case of Rapture, the car is yours*

  1. Just with the wacky weather and more and more things happening—I am not surprised that it is getting to be the last days…

  2. And how many times do we have to hear about doing it before we actually do it? That’s why I love that you’re doing weekly suggestions. It’s so much easier to do it one week at a time.

  3. That first half was SCARY. But the second half did give me hope. I’m really glad you’re doing this weekly reminder to get food storage. I think you will end up being responsible for saving a lot of people’s lives if they listen, Jennie.

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