My special talent

I have a special talent that I have almost perfected. It’s shocking how fantastic I am at it, really.

It’s misplacing things.

I somehow manage to lose things a dozen times a day. If only I had a dollar for each time I said. “I just had it two seconds ago!”

Today’s total madness is being caused by the two brand new Charlie and Lola videos I bought yesterday. I unwrapped them last night as I was talking to Mister. We got in a little spat about whether the situation in Iraq means George Bush is a warmonger or not (I say yes, Mister says no. Then he called me a Socialist and told me I’m the reason this country is in the state it’s in. Whatever that means. The ironic thing is that Mister is more of a peacemaker than any human being I’ve ever met, but yesterday he was just itching for a fight. Normally that’s my job.)

Anyway, at some point I set down the two Charlie and Lola videos and they are nowhere to be found. I’ve ripped apart most of the downstairs and the playroom and they have officially vanished into thin air.

I’m beginning to think that Alzheimers would be an improvement on my current condition. At least then I wouldn’t realize what I’m supposed to be looking for.

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4 thoughts on “My special talent

  1. I hate that. And unfortunately you’ve got it worse because you hve 6 other people in the house who might have actually moved it. So you MIGHT actually not be brain damaged. But there is no way of knowing, is there?

  2. OH, MY GOSH!!! This is MY worst habit also! I lose everything! Just this morning, I lost my cell phone, which I misplace at least twice a week—-arrgghhh—and since we don’t have a land line—there is no way to call it to ring.

    So, I just run around looking and praying—“please, someone call me!”

    heh, heh—it must be funny for the fly on the wall.

  3. me too. me too. I lose everything. Of course our six little helpers don’t improve the situation much for either of us. đŸ˜‰

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