That Funny German Guy

My kids have been bugging me for months to watch a bunch of YouTube videos by some German guy named Flula. Apparently he lives in America and has a bit of trouble figuring out the idiosyncrasies of our language.  Finally I caved and watched some of these videos. They’re pretty funny, although he’s no Sweet Brown. This one was my favorite. These are a lot funnier if you have preteens to watch them with. (For some reason this guy alway tapes videos in his car. Kind of weird. And he is a DJ part time, hence the headphones.) If you want to see more of the German Guy his Rock, Paper, Scissors and Jennifer the Party Pooper”  vids are also really good.

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4 thoughts on “That Funny German Guy

  1. I guess no one told that German guy about the original version of that song. It might make more sense why it was changed to “tiger.”

    (p.s. Is he faking that accent?? There are some strange speech things going on that don’t sound German to me. His grammatical structure sounds more like a Chinese person, but with a German accent. It’s weird. Not to overanylize it or anything.)

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