How to create great weather

If you’re suffering from too much snow and frigid temperatures, here is the foolproof way to end them: Knit yourself a lovely scarf. The whole time you’re knitting, the temps will hover in the 20’s. You will knit madly, so excited to finish! Finally the day will come when you cast off the final stitch. That day will be 71º. And it will not be below 65º ever after.

You will not get to wear your fluffy woolen scarf, no matter how pretty it turned out. Everyone else will be so happy to put on flip-flops once again, and it will all be because of you. You, meanwhile, will enjoy staring at your scarf neatly folded on the shelf until next November. Sigh.

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14 thoughts on “How to create great weather

  1. I love the scarf, and I wish that advice would work for my weather. The problem is, by the time I learned to knit and finished the scarf, it would be NEXT winter, and I would miss the warm weather all together.

  2. First of all, WOW that is an amazingly beautiful scarf! I am usually not one for homemade knitted stuff. But I have to say that is actually very very attractive.

    Secondly, that does suck about it being too warm for it now. It must have taken you forever to make something so complex! Hey, I have an idea. Just pop up here for a visit, I promise it'll get plenty of wear.

    Thirdly, You've already confessed about the state of your closet so I assume you're using the phrase "folded neatly on the shelf" as a figure of speech.

    p.s. What an impressive bustline! LOL.

  3. Your scarf looks great. I am doing the same thing to myself with an afghan right now. Started it too late to enjoy it this season. Darn.

  4. Hi Jennie, I'm freezing up here. Send me that beautiful scarf, I'll give it a good home.
    your good friend, Kate

  5. That turned out so pretty! Sorry you have to wait until November. (But November will come all too soon, I'm sorry to say.)

  6. Okay, so I just found it on Ravelry, and when I had the projects page up my daughter pointed to your picture and said, "Oooo, that one's pretty!"

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