Item of the week–Chili/Soup

Many apologies, readers. It’s Wednesday night and I still haven’t posted the weekly item. It’s chili and/or soup. These foods are GREAT any time you don’t feel like cooking or have power. They are super good for you and in the case of chili–very filling.

Buy as much as possible. You won’t regret it.

Sorry this is so lame but this week is kicking my butt. Remember how we went months doing no extra-curriculars? Well, I’m making up for lost time. Last night I had three kids that all had to be three different places at 5 pm and again at 7 pm. Mister and I got our wires crossed and the three youngest kids (4, 5, 9) were accidentally left at home by themselves for half an hour. That right there is good parenting.

I have finished several dandy projects but as usual I flop when it comes to pictures. So maybe you will see the nice things I’ve been working on. Or maybe not.

The rest of this week is looking dreadful, so maybe I’ll catch you next Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “Item of the week–Chili/Soup

  1. Soup has to be my least favorite food storage item. I just don't like soup. Or chili. Maybe I'll stock up on Noodles N Sauce or something else. Although I do use creamed soups in recipes quite a bit. But the thought of actually eating soup, plain, makes me hope Armageddon holds off another hundred years.

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