Fess-up Friday–mess edition

This is the most hesitant I’ve ever been about posting anything on my blog. But because I am all about honesty (on my own terms), I am going to admit something to you.

My bedroom and closet are a terrifying nightmare. As in messy.


I’ve been methodically trying to deep clean and organize my house. Starting with all the closets (because if the closets are clean than other things seem to follow).

But my room has been sorely neglected.

It is right next to the family room which makes it the convenient drop zone for everything people don’t want to deal with. Have some shoes that don’t fit? Put them in Mom’s room. She’ll figure it out. Company coming over? Do a stash and dash and deposit everything in the Master Bedroom. And let’s not even address the ginormous box of things that need to be sold on ebay. You might pass out if I posted a picture of it.

Flylady says that if you just spend five minutes a day cleaning the messiest room in your house, it will be clean in one month. I find that hard to believe. But I’m willing to try.

How about you? What is your messiest mess?

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10 thoughts on “Fess-up Friday–mess edition

  1. Living in a smaller apartment than our spacious house in Texas certainly helps. My messiest space here is my 13-year-old's bedroom and I usually don't bother entering. Once in a while when I get sick of it, I'll tidy it up and it always makes him happy. Maybe I'll do that today. Good thinking.

    In our Texas home, my office is constantly the worst place with all my crafty card making things everywhere. No fun. Piles are inevitable in that room.

  2. In my house it's a few things. The garage is our drop zone. It's where I throw things when we have people coming over and have to do a stash and dash. My deceased mother in-law called it a Chinese Fire Drill.

    My bathrooms are always bad. Hate cleaning them SO bad.

    With the Ebay stuff, find one of those stores that sells Ebay stuff for you. They take a small cut for listing it and selling it for you. But I think it might be worth it when you are able to get a pile of stuff out of the house.

  3. The problem with Fly Lady's idea is that I add more stuff to my piles of junk every day than I can clean up in 5 minutes. So it all just gets worse and worse every day. She assumes you will STOP messing while you ARE cleaning. HA!

  4. where to start?
    The garage, but once it's consistently above 32 degrees I'll venture out there to pick up all the junk we just dump because it's too cold to put away.

    Then there's my teen boys room. My heart rate soars when I spend more than 10 seconds in there.

    Then there's the giant playroom/bedroom walk-in (?) closet. It's like "garage sale in a pile".

    My basement? Again, heart attack waiting to happen.
    I'm impressed you've only got one dump station. We have several.

  5. Everybody has a place in their house that we are terrified to even think about. Some places are worse than others, but everybody feels this way, at least once in a while. I must say that my dining room isn't a dining room anymore since my kids got a huge "playhut" tent. I know they love it, but I really don't like it in there! 🙂 But what can I do? I don't have any other place to put it right now and guess, what? They have so much fun with it. So, I'll wait and figure out this later.

    You will organize everything when you're ready. But here's what I believe, if you waste too much energy on thinking, you'll not have much energy left to do it. So, start when you feel the urge and get things done. You'll feel good after you see the result!
    Have a Blessed week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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  6. My bedroom…and the garage….and the boys room….(and usually the kitchen ACK!) Lame, I know. Flylady drove me nuts. Good luck.

  7. I'm afraid Flylady's not taking into account the time it takes to list things on eBay. I've been forcing myself to get rid of things I *know* I could sell on eBay. But maybe you could get your listings going if you promised yourself a 50% cut of each sale as mad money.

    My house has MANY pit-of-despair areas, but, funnily enough, my closet is impeccable. I think I organize it when I can't face other messes. Also I've had a wee bit more energy in the past few months than in the previous decade.

  8. For some reason, if my closet is clean, I feel more mentally stable. It's the room I clean first when I feel overwhelmed. If I can get dressed in there with my shoes all in order, clothes hung, sweaters folded neatly, I feel like I am in control of more of my life. Weird, but true.

    The worst room in our house is definitely Daphne's room. Because she disassembles it on a daily basis. Between throwing clothes out of her drawers while looking for a certain item of clothing (and she literally does throw things out into the air like the muppets or something) and her need to play with all 105 stuffed animals at a time, plus accessories, her room is always a disaster. Every couple of days I make her clean it up, but 2 hours later it looks like it did before. Sigh….

    Thank goodness it's downstairs.

  9. I just looked around and realized that it would be easier for me to tell you which one area is NOT messy in my house…

    On second thought, that would be a hard question to answer, too. Can't find one.

    None of my rooms are hoarder-style messes. It's just consistent clutter all over the place.

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