Item of the week–Flour

Helloooo? Anybody out there? Anybody still getting some extra pantry items? Well, you should be. And this week you should be getting flour. In less you have some sort of gluten-intolerance (in which case, SORRY! That sucks for you), flour/bread/cookies/cereal are a big part of your life, I’m guessing. Now imagine your life without these things. That will happen if you don’t have flour and you can’t get to the store! (well, not the cereal part. Since you don’t make your own Lucky Charms, right?) So get some flour! 5-10 lbs. per person (that’s 1 or 2 regular sized bags).

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9 thoughts on “Item of the week–Flour

  1. I bought two 25 pound bags a year ago and have only made it through one. By your math, we're still OK! I do buy whole wheat flour in smaller bags because it can lose its nutrient value and go rancid faster.

  2. I'm such a good girl I let my daughter Jennie take me to the LDS Storehouse today, where I bought 200 lbs of white whole wheat, which I will grind into flour with her wheat grinder, and make into delicious bread, buns, cookies, piecrust, etc. All I need now is a way to cook it if the electricity goes out again. Hmmmmmm. Propane stove?

  3. I didn't follow along last year but this year I read your description of why and how to do this, and realized it was exactly what I needed to hear–to let go of perfectionism or trying to build food storage on the cheap, and just start doing it and stocking real food that we'll really eat. I'm *still* not following along perfectly, but I'm trying.

  4. I used to get my flour from the LDS Cannery because I liked that it came in waterproof, bug-proof #10 metal cans. I feel like they're safer for something like flour than paper bags. But then I used them all and now all I have is the bags. I really need to restock the #10 cans because I will miss white flour more than almost anything if I have to live off my food storage.

    (p.s. It also occurred to me today that I really need to stock up on sugar, chocolate chips, tampons, Advil, and cold medicine– the five other things I couldn't live without. I hope at the end of the food section, you'll do one on toiletries because stuff like advil and tampons will be barter-able more than probably anything else if it comes to that.)

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