Sandals in March?

It’s March. It’s 80°. All week long.  Does this mean I can wear sandals?

You northern-y people are saying “Of course! 80 degrees definitely means sandals!”  But there is some unspoken code in warm-weather places. Growing up in Michigan I don’t know this code. In Michigan I wore snow boots with my Easter dress every single year.

But when it’s 80° in Texas, most people still wear pants. And if you’re wearing pants, you’re probably not wearing sandals either.

So are sandals like white shoes, dictated by the calendar?  Or are they for warm weather, no matter what the time of year?


I’m tired of ballet flats

My toenails are cute



My sandals are all in a box at the very tip top of my closet. A mighty heavy box.


What say you?

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10 thoughts on “Sandals in March?

  1. I’ve already been in my sandals for about two weeks! And my toenails are not even cute!! Pretty soon you can help me with that!!

  2. I obviously don’t know the Southern code to footwear, but I wear flip flops with jeans all the time. This week, in fact, as it’s been 68 or above every day (except Monday when it snowed 3 inches), I’ve been wearing sandals every day. I say wear them…start the trend!

  3. I’m in NC and I’ve seen some sandals here already. I’ve worn peep toes to work but haven’t really done a casual sandal yet. I see no reason not to though! And are those your toes in the picture? Because if so, wow they are super cute!

  4. By all means, wear the sandals. I’ve been wearing mine (with pants) for a solid two weeks, but, then, I’m from Northern Wisconsin, and my Southern husband would agree with you that we “Yankees” don’t know about these things. Of course, he hasn’t said a word about my footwear choice, and he HAS complimented my toes. Seal of approval, say I!

  5. Hey, don’t you remember the people in Oregon who wear sandals year round, and with those cute toes you should be wearing sandals. So get a chair and get that heavy box down.

  6. I switched to sandals two days ago when it got up to about 60 degrees. But that’s partly because I don’t have any intermediate shoes, so I go straight from boots to sandals. (I’ve been meaning to fill this spring-and-fall shoe gap for ages, but I haven’t yet found ballet flats that give my feet enough support, or anything else I like).

    I think it’s funny that it has to get hotter in Texas for you to wear sandals than it does in Utah or places colder than Utah. I remember it being almost a contest to see who would start wearing shorts first at my Utah high school. I never won; kids would start wearing shorts at the end of February and I’d be startled. But by March I’d be wearing them.

  7. I figure you wear sandals whenever you feel like it, especially if your toes are painted. I lived in Michigan for two years when I was young, and I have pictures from both years of Halloween with my costume peeking out from underneath snow clothes. So lame!

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