Last weekend was India’s first prom. Strangely this has never been a moment I’ve thought much about as I’ve raised my daughters. Probably because I never had a boyfriend (or a date for that matter) in high school so the Prom was always a source of anxiety and frustration rather than excitement.

But India is a 16 year-old sophomore so she could potentially go to three proms during her high school career. Guess who is not excited about that? (hint: me.) Not that I don’t want her to go to the prom. Just that it’s expensive coming up with a dress and shoes and all that. Not to mention the three hours it took to do her hair, nails and makeup.

Mormons in the metropolitan Austin area have their own prom. The regular high school proms feature skanky half-naked girls, lusty teenagers gyrating all over each other and lots of alcohol. There are many parents who are of the “if you let them drink at home at least they’ll do it more responsibly” school of thought*. So while there isn’t much alcohol at the prom itself (just a few hidden flasks and “water bottles”), before and afterwards are quite a different story. Yet again, our teenagers get to feel like oddballs when tell their friends that they are going to the prom and yet not going to the prom.

Trying to find a modest prom dress is a fool’s errand. Most high school girls these days are aiming for a look somewhere between stripper and prostitute. If you live in Utah finding something at least knee-length and covering the shoulders can be a little easier, but we Mormons in the wilds of Texas have to buy something on the internet or get out the old sewing machine.

After a fruitless trip to the prom dress store (would you like something strapless, strapless or maybe strapless?), we sat down with my mom to create something similar, minus the hoochie factor.

My mom put her mad sewing skillz to use and came up with something similar to the dress India liked most at the Prom dress shop. She loved it and she and her date looked so adorable. He’s a really sweet boy.

I had to give India a quick tutorial on looking gorgeous:

1. Shoulders back, boobs out, hips to the side, front knee bent, toe pointed forward.

2. Your smile is your best asset. (She and I both have a similar curse: ugly serious faces. We should be smiling always. That is a hard pill to swallow for an introverted, shy teenage girl.)

I think she worked it pretty well for an amateur!

*If you think that letting your kids drink alcohol in your own house is somehow a better alternative, you are wrong. So, so, so wrong. And you are also a coward about telling your kids that their behavior is not acceptable. It is the job of a parent to tell kids what is right and what is wrong, It doesn’t matter what you did as a teenager; give them rules! (I’ll get off of my soapbox now.)




9 thoughts on “Promenade

  1. bahhaahaa stripper and prostitute. Totally. I took my girls to a play at an arts center and as we were exiting the prom kids were coming in–because that is where their prom took place. And my jaw was to the floor–i kept thinking what father let their teenage girl out the door like that? Probably no father, or a drunk one, cuz seriously? It was unbelievable.

  2. Cate was looking at India’s dress and her friend’s dresses and was so impressed! She looks amazing! I wish Cate and her sorta-more-than-a-friend guy would go to the prom because it could be so fun, but both of them cannot handle the sleaziness of the affair, so no prom this year.

  3. She looks great and her dress is GORGEOUS!! I love the color and the way it drapes so elegantly!
    P.S. – V. much agree on the drinking at home sitch – not to mention that it’s illegal!

  4. Seriously!!!! Your Mom is TALENTED!!! and India ROCKS that super cute dress!!! Love it!!! Glad she had fun. I also agree on the drinking thing, as well as the dress and the sex. I don’t understand parents sometimes! I get floored when someone says, “I did it as a teenager, so I can’t tell them they can’t.” UM YES YOU CAN AND SHOULD!!!!!!!

  5. Too bad a general invitation can’t be made for the GOOD (Religious? Clean?) kids at school to join the Mormon Prom. I’ll be a lot of them would love to come to a non-threatening venue where they could feel OK being clean. They would have such REAL fun! I hope someone at the Prom took videos! It would be super to see these kids in action. Do they actually know how to dance?

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