Dirndl Dreams

Have you ever gotten sucked into a world that a few hours earlier you didn’t even know existed? That was me, today. Somehow I ran across a picture of an adorable dirndl dress on Pinterest. I knew that ladies in Austria and southern Germany still wear them occasionally but I had no idea that they are still a big deal. Being the good little Austrian girl that I am, I actually have a dirndl. Ok, two. (Three if you count my grandmother’s dirndl that is around here somewhere but I couldn’t fit in it to save my life.) I never wear them. It seems a little silly here in Texas. But that’s going to change because I’ve seen the world of gorgeous dirndls and it is the world I want to live in. Of course, these dresses cost a pretty penny. I think the cheapest one of the dresses below is €500. Looks like I’ll be sewing one for myself.

Look at how lovely and charming they are! It’s like a cross between Snow White and a milkmaid. Which is a very good thing. Austrian and Bavarian women really wear these! Not every day, but for special occasions. Last time I was in Austria lots of ladies wore them to church. Every dirndl has a gathered skirt; a vest-like bodice with (usually but not always) a little blouse underneath; and, of course, an apron.

blue and pink dirndl







There are even dirndl fashion shows (Folk costumes are called Trachten. This includes lederhosen and menswear too.) I guess it’s to show the latest in old-fashioned clothing. Pretty funny, really.



But this! This takes the cake; this exactly the life I want to be mine:


If you’re dying to know more about dirndls in general, here’s an interesting little news piece I found (in English!)

8 thoughts on “Dirndl Dreams

  1. Wowwie, WOW! I’m ready to get out my own dirndl! These are GEORGEOUS!! I note that many of the skirts are gather-stitched for a few inches down the hip so the awful hip-bulge disappears. Making one of those glorious dresses, complete with hand embroidery, would be the delightful project of a year’s worth of handiwork while you wait for the kids to be done with their lessons/practice/school. What great videos and pictures! Your name is well earned today!

    1. Awww, big boobs hanging out are part of the fun. I’m a 34F and I’m not about to let that stop me. Plus I subscribe to the “Big Boobie Distraction Theory”. If there is any part of your body you aren’t happy with, don’t worry! Just emphasize your chest; all eyes will be distracted away from the problem zones. This is especially important during swimsuit season!

  2. I am looking to purchase a Dirndl for my upcoming trip to Germany, can you please advise where i can buy a nice one

  3. I ordered a dirndl off of amazon recently for an upcoming choir performance (we’re singing The Sound of Music), but when it arrived I found that the dirndl–a little on the short side in the picture–doesn’t even go halfway down my thighs. Ah, Mormon problems…
    Hopefully I can track one down in the next week.

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