That crazy, crazy lady

Today is my mother’s birthday. I love her tons but she is one weird person. If you have ever met her you know what I am talking about. Look how normal she seems in this picture! (Let’s gloss over my pre-teen ugliness.) But she is wearing a wig (she came… Read More

It’s another happy day around here

This sweet little baby turned nine today. Arabella Claire was my favorite birth ever; five hours from start to finish (my fastest), a kick-A epidural, and she was one of the few babies that I didn’t know ahead of time what gender she was (sometimes I like to know and… Read More

Five? Already? Waaaa!

This is my sweet baby girl Adelaide.  She is five today. For the first year of her life she rarely smiled. She also rarely frowned (except in this picture). She was just a placid, content little baby taking everything in and thinking long and hard. Sometime around a year and… Read More

Zippity-ay and Heidi-ho

Today is little Yorkie-pie’s 13th birthday.  Which means I now have two teenagers!  Ack!   All this talk about how horrible teens are and . . . they’re actually just fine.  Yes, there can be a little bit of sullen snottiness but mostly they are funny and enjoyable and–I almost… Read More

Three? What? How can that be?

Little baby Jasper is three today (Don’t tell anyone that I completely forgot until my mom called to wish him a happy birthday.) I love three-year-olds and it’s breaking my heart a little bit that he’ll be my last one. Except for his yearning to destroy everything we own, he… Read More

Cake, etc.

Lifespan of a cake I spent all morning making stupid fondant roses and within ten minutes the starving horde of eight-year-olds had reduced the cake to this: Arabella’s birthday was pretty low-key.  I don’t remember the last time I had a child whose birthday has fallen on a Saturday.  That… Read More

Scratching post

Do you think it would be weird if I paid a masseuse to scratch my back the whole time? There’s nothing I love more than a good scratch. She can use a hairbrush or fingernails. It’s all wonderful. Honestly, it feels a little weird and sordid to request something like… Read More

Mr. Mister

I rarely talk about Mister, because he doesn’t like me to. He doesn’t like to make a spectacle of himself (or worse, he doesn’t want me to make a spectacle of him which I do all the time, much to his dismay). I have to say this, though.  He is… Read More

I have a teenager!

I’m completely shocked that I can be the mother of a teenager! Yesterday was India’s 13th birthday. How did that happen? She’s a very young 13–no teenage snottiness or histrionics. (How young is she? She asked for, and received, dragon legos. Legos!) Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she stays… Read More