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Do you think it would be weird if I paid a masseuse to scratch my back the whole time? There’s nothing I love more than a good scratch. She can use a hairbrush or fingernails. It’s all wonderful.

Honestly, it feels a little weird and sordid to request something like that. Like I’m asking the masseuse to suck my toes. But man, oh man, does a scratch feel goooood. I’ll take it over a massage any day.

PS. Happy birthday to one of my top favorite people of all time: my sister Arianne. Pop over to her blog and wish her hb. It will make her day.

PPS. Everybody in Mister’s department at work got notification of being laid off within the month.  Everybody but Mister.  I’m hugely relieved, but am waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

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12 thoughts on “Scratching post

  1. My dad, his siblings, and my grandma all LOVE to get their backs scratched. My dad would pay us to stand behind him as he worked at his desk and just scratch his back. A little weird, but you’re not alone!
    That’s very good news about your husband. You’ve had way more than your share of unemployment. It’s a pretty scary time right now.

  2. Every nite when we go to bed – that is the first thing I ask my husband to do is scratch right down the middle of my back.

    OH Yeah!

  3. What a blessing that Mister still has a job! And try not to wait for the other shoe to drop. ;D

    And I am SO with you on the scratching thing!! Hairbrushes do wonders!

  4. They can’t fire Mister. He’s right in the middle of that HUGE project. Of course, with nobody else to work with him, will he have to do all the pieces himself! Oh, No!

    I could not live without my long handled, wooden back-scartcher. If there’s one talent your father had, it was an amazing back-scratch, finished off with a smoothing all over with his big hand. Ultra-delish!

  5. I, personally like a good head rub myself. I PLEAD with my family to give me a head rub—I mean, you can get anything out of me if you give me a great head rub!

    You get the idea…

    I’m glad your hubby made it through—I’m sure that it will last.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes! And though I’m not that crazy about back scratches, I do like one now and then.

  7. Do not wait for the other shoe to drop. Say to yourself, “it’s not dropping, in fact ‘it’ likes walking around with one shoe it’s going to be a permanent thing.”

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