I have a teenager!

I’m completely shocked that I can be the mother of a teenager! Yesterday was India’s 13th birthday. How did that happen? She’s a very young 13–no teenage snottiness or histrionics. (How young is she? She asked for, and received, dragon legos. Legos!) Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she stays pleasant and sweet!

If you haven’t figured this out already, birthdays at our house completely revolve around food. The birthday child gets to pick out all meals for the day. Of course I’m the slave that has to make everything. For breakfast we had cinnamon rolls. So fantastic. I saved a few to finish off this morning.

Before Frosting

After frosting (I ate the rest of the frosting out of the bowl):

Poor India didn’t get to have a birthday dinner since we were all going in different directions until 8 pm. So I made her a really good snack instead. She loves tomatoes (unlike me. I think they’re disgusting) so I made Insalata Caprese with some cool-looking heirloom tomatoes I found at Central Market.

Right before bed we had cake and ice cream. India requested chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. The cake was wonderful, but my tolerance for sugar is getting so low (remember how I haven’t been eating as many sweets?) that I could only eat about two bites before I went into sugar shock. The kids were kind of sick of sugar too, so we barely made a dent in the cake. Like a great mother I just gave the kids cake for breakfast today (plus a slice of cheese for a well-balanced meal.)

India is such a wonderful girl. A parent’s dream come true. She has made the last thirteen years delightful. We love you Baby India!

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5 thoughts on “I have a teenager!

  1. Happy birthday, India! The cinnamon rolls and the cake look exquisite! I also LOVE the caprese salad and am so impressed that you made it even though you loathe tomatoes. I don’t see how that’s possible (not liking them) but think you’re a nice mom for serving it to your firstborn. She’s lovely!

  2. I am seriously tearing up now. BABY India….BABY INDIA! I can’t believe that sweet little toddler I played with when I visited you in Oregon is a teenager. It is just too crazy.

    p.s. That cake looks divine. That’s what I want for my birthday next year. You can hand deliver it, if you want.

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