It’s another happy day around here

This sweet little baby turned nine today. Arabella Claire was my favorite birth ever; five hours from start to finish (my fastest), a kick-A epidural, and she was one of the few babies that I didn’t know ahead of time what gender she was (sometimes I like to know and sometimes I like a surprise. “It’s a girl!” is my favorite phrase ever!)


Arabella has always been the kindest and gentlest child. She is blessedly even-tempered and has been a pleasure from day one. We love this girl to pieces even though she invades our personal space whenever possible.


Here she is at age five with Baby Jasper:


There is a lot of drama that comes with preteen girls.  Fortunately Arabella is pretty drama-free.  Let’s hope it stays like that for a looong time.

She just informed me that she wants rainbow cupcakes to take to school tomorrow for her class treat.  Kee-rap.  Those take forever to make.  Sigh.  She’s a poor middle child so I have to do things like that to make her feel special. Off to the kitchen I go.


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8 thoughts on “It’s another happy day around here

  1. Wow, she's absolutely stunning in that last picture. She could be 15. Scary, huh? 🙂
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl. 9 years old. Halfway through with growing up at home. My boys are turning 9 in a few months and that is freaking me out.

  2. You have very good looking children. Truly. They all are easy on the eyes with great features. You will have beautiful grandchildren.

  3. What a pretty girl! I hope that her birthday is a great one and that she enjoys her rainbow cupcakes.

  4. I agree–she looks 15 in that last picture!

    Nine? NINE? It hasn't been that long since I last babysat for you… what are you feeding your children???

  5. Happy Birthday Arabella. You are so pretty, I'll see you today :))

    I liked the cupcakes Jennie….

  6. I have never seen that last picture before. She is stunningly gorgeous in it! Of course, I should have known she would turn out to be the beauty of the family since she has always taken after me. 😉

    (In actuality, though, she doesn't look much like me at all anymore. I see more of Mister's side in her now.)

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