The changing table

The garbage man came yesterday which is always a big deal if you have a young boy in your house.  But it was a big deal for me too because I hauled a forlorn and dilapidated changing table out to the curb.  This changing table was bought at a garage sale fifteen years ago when I was pregnant with India, my first baby.  It was dark “wood” (really just crappy particle board) that we painted white.  It has survived–barely–all of our other babies (by “survived” I mean “still upright but not quite usable”).  When we moved here we still had two in diapers so I put it in our main floor bathroom. I’ve left it there even though we no longer need it just because, well, because I couldn’t part with it.  It means the end of an era.  

I know I say that every time I get rid of a high chair or baby clothes or sippy cups.  But every little thing I get rid of makes me feel sad about that newborn-new mom phase of life that I will never go through again.  Sadly I think it’s impossible to appreciate the magicalness of that phase until it’s over.

But then I think about how grody the changing table was once the pad was removed.  It was completely stained yellow.  Ewww.  That table has seen more than its share of pee and poop and meconium and explosive-newborn-seedy-diarrhea.  Probably some barf too.


And then I realized that I haven’t had to wipe any bums in a couple of weeks and I got a huge smile on my face.  And then I hung up some really cute pictures that I bought at the Round Top Antiques Fair last year.  They are in the exact spot where the changing table used to be.  So much nicer than tacky particle board with a sagging top and broken legs.

So I carried the changing table out to the curb with York, the second baby to use it, and we kicked the table into a dozen pieces, then watched while the big jaws of the garbage truck finished the job for us. 

It was kind of exhilarating.

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8 thoughts on “The changing table

  1. I would have looooved to see a vid of you trashing the table in the street! Though the description was helpful 🙂 I'll try to relish this newborn phase. It always helps when someone reminds me it's temporary. Hrm.. maybe as a public service you could list all the magical things I should be relishing right now… and what I should have to look forward to? I'd send you a virtual brownie!

  2. I have really enjoyed getting rid of my baby stuff. I still have the crib stuffed in an attic alcove. It wasn't very expensive to begin with and by the last kid was barely able to stand without falling apart. And yet I wonder why I haven't hauled it out to the garbage man yet?

  3. Ahhhh… to be able to get rid of baby stuff. My "baby" is 8 years old and yet I still have almost everything in the basement because my husband wants to keep it for grandchildren 🙂 Weird, but true.

  4. All I got out of that was Round Top Antique Fair.

    Kidding! Good for you for getting rid of it and putting your pictures up!

  5. Geee, even I feel tears come to my eyes at the thought of the destruction of that creaky old thing. Actually, like you, the melancholy is for the ending of an memorable stage of their lives.

  6. I think that you have had a break through. After the sippy cups I thought that you might find space for everything else, or refinish and sell things.

    Look at you now, all rough and tough, and ready to have your home cleaned out of unused baby items. Think of all the new space that you will have.

  7. I just did the exact same thing last Wednesday. Still haven't completely come to terms that 2's the limit in our house…

  8. It's such a mixed bag, getting rid of baby stuff. I am glad every time I pack away baby toys, bottles, bibs, etc. But I also feel sadness that I may never get to use them agin.

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