Mr. Mister

I rarely talk about Mister, because he doesn’t like me to. He doesn’t like to make a spectacle of himself (or worse, he doesn’t want me to make a spectacle of him which I do all the time, much to his dismay). I have to say this, though.  He is hands-down the most thoughtful man I’ve ever known.

The first year we were married I decided after his parents had bought all of our Christmas presents that what I really wanted instead was a fancy Coach purse.  They were not about to return all the gifts they had gotten for me, so I was out of luck.   I was very disappointed as only a 21-year-old with not a care in the world can be.

A few weeks later we went out with the family for Mister’s birthday.  When his parents handed him his birthday present, he instead handed it to me. “Open it”, he instructed.  He had asked for the purse as his only present.  I was so flabbergasted.  I would never give up my own present for someone else. Seriously.

Each year since then he has always given me a present on his birthday.  The man knows how to butter me up. This year he was especially indulgent.  He gave me a Macbook Air.  I know, what a guy!  (Just in total disclosure, though, he already had the computer.  He won it a few months ago at a trade show.  It’s too gutless to do the video editing he works on every day, so he rarely used it. He said he was going to sell it on ebay, but he gave it to me instead.  All I care is that it’s mine now!)

My poor old 17″ laptop is a giant monster that has died a dozen deaths. It is currently in a coma because it won’t take a charge anymore. Bastard.  Fortunately Mister rescued my hard drive and I have my old itunes up and running.  

At any rate, thank you Mister! I love your birthday!  And I love you!

Oh, by the way, I’m writing at Segullah today about how ugly Mormon churches are. You should probably head over and see who has raked me over the coals.  I’m sure everyone will say that I’m superficial and not spiritual enough, but it’s what I think and I’m willing to take the heat.

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10 thoughts on “Mr. Mister

  1. What a man!!! My laptop broke 2 months ago…and my palm just broke as well…I don’t have a new one 🙁 of either…maybe your man needs to give our men a little lesson 😉 Enjoy his birthday present for all of us!

  2. That is a seriously romantic story! Kind of like the combs and the watch chain one–but without you having to chop off your hair!

    Love it!


  3. What a guy! I’m sure if we asked him, Mister could come up with just as many nice things to say about you.

    It usually works that way.

    …and I agree about the church aesthetics, a little something please!

  4. Hmmm I think that I may need to talk to James about this one, why should he be the only one to get gifts on his birthday? Yes Mister is onto something here, and I like it. I love that he got you…gave you a computer, that is just the thing that I would ask for.

    You are one lucky lady, and the story of him getting you the purse instead of having a present of his own, well that is cause for sainthood for sure. Let me know how you like the air, I have been wondering how well it really works.

  5. I can hand it to that Mister…he sure figured out your love language fast and he has stuck to it well over the years. As an ESFJ, I know why he does it. I just wish I was married to an ESFJ too, not an INTJ (who is super NOT intuitive to my love language).

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