Yesterday I took my mother to the airport. (She’s been here for almost three weeks. WoW! Yes, that is a long time). When I dropped her off at 2:15 it was 81º. When I dropped India off at church five hours later it was 33º.

And this morning there is a tiny smidgen of snow on the ground. I’m not sure if that constitutes a snow day here in Texas, but I bet my kids will be out there trying to make a snowman nonetheless.

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7 thoughts on “Ffffreeezing.

  1. I can’t believe you are considering 33 degrees ffffreeezing.

    You used to live in UTAH!

    33 degrees and my kids are outside – riding bikes – in shorts with no shoes on.

    You have gone soft.

  2. We’re looking at a high of 24 today. Positively beautiful weather for the kids to go sledding in. Got to enjoy these warm days while they last. (I think we’ll get a bigger snowman than yours…)

  3. I was shocked to see white stuff frosting the tops of the cars and roofs around here, I am pretty sure in an outrage kind of voice I told James that it had snowed, and Gwen yelled at me “then lets make a snowman!”

    I guess that I should have had a better attitude about it. then maybe I wouldn’t have been feeling so bad when I told her that we couldn’t.

  4. Ummm….yesterday morning James went to take the car to work. (He usually takes his motorcycle..) He was none to pleased to find the car door had been left opened and the whole inside of the car was frozen. Car seats frozen to the leather seats, carpet that had been rained on and then frozen over night. Needless to say, I was out there in my PJs helping to clean up. 🙂

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