One Less Teenager

Today my second-born child, York, turns 20. I am down to having only two teenagers again. York has been getting his butt kicked down in Brazil (metaphorically speaking!) and learning piles of humility and patience. Hoo boy, has he needed that!

Of course, York is still York and he told us when we Skyped with him at Christmas that he pretty much knows everything in Portuguese. There’s nothing about the language that he needs to learn. Uhhh, sure thing! He also takes after his mother and cannot help but be a hobbyist, even on his mission. After having a companion sick in bed for several days and being bored out of his mind (they get no TV, radio or internet and their array of books is extremely limited), he whipped out the sewing kit that I sent along that he insisted he didn’t need (a very nice one including Stitch Witchery iron-on adhesive). He took a ripped pair of jeans that he was about to throw away and figured out how to make a tie.  And he took a dandy picture of it too.

York has always been a chatty and engaging person and I think that he’s still got that going in Brazil.  He has also learned to smile like a regular person. He has REFUSED to smile nicely in pictures since he was about twelve years old. It’s truly a missionary miracle.

Also, I don’t know if it’s York or missionaries in general, but jumping in pictures is apparently a thing.

We’re super proud of York and the man he is becoming. He’s always been our most entertaining child and continues to make us laugh 5000 miles away. Happy birthday to him!

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3 thoughts on “One Less Teenager

  1. Ha, seems like an awesome kid. I always wonder how people do those jumping photos. If my family ever even tried, we’d get about 1 inch of air, and probably have weird expressions of exertion and fingers all funky.

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